Best Buy Lynchburg Virginia

Best Buy Lynchburg Virginia

Best Buy Lynchburg Virginia Deceptive business practices Lynchburg Virginia!!. I went to Best Buy to purchase a A/V receiver. I had recently purchased a Blu-ray player and applied for their store credit card so as to utilize the 6 month no interest option they offer. Thankfully Iu2019ve had no issue with the Blu-ray player. I purchased a Sony A/V receiver that I thought I would be happy with (but I have no degree in electronics) but it turned out it wasnu2019t going to accommodate my requirements. It worked fine until I decided to play a cd and turn the column up about halfway so as to hear the music out on my deck. This is when I discovered it was completely inadequate for what I needed. At half column for about 20 minutes the unit overheated and burned out the power supply. I called the support number on my bill and they looked up all my info. I told them what happened and they informed me the power supply had fried. I told them ok I would return it to the store in the morning. This is when they informed me that the unit was beyond the return time limit of 14 days. I couldnu2019t believe it. I was extremely mad at this point and told the guy I would take it to the store in the morning and throw it at them. I was quite hot. So I thought about it for a bit and decided on what I would do. I would take the unit back to the store in the morning along with everything else I owed money for on my Best Buy credit card. I took the unit in the store and explained to them what happened and told them I would like to get a store credit so that I could buy a better unit that would accommodate my needs. They told me I could not return it because it was beyond the 14 day return period. ( Iu2019d had the unit for 40 days) they told me they could send it in for repair. Well that would have been satisfactory except for the fact that the unit obviously wasnu2019t going to perform the way I needed it to. I had purchased an insufficient A/V unit (like I said I have no degree in electronics) I simply wanted to purchase a better one. They refused so I told them if they donu2019t except it back for return weu2019re going to have a problem. They told me a repair is the best they can do. So, I told them I would be right back. I left the unit on the counter, went out to my truck and had my kids help me to bring in all the equipment that I brought with me. Everything I had purchased on the Best Buy credit card that I still owed money on. I left it on the counter and told them I would not be paying anymore payments on the credit card. I left the store called Best Buy customer service and told them what I just did and not to expect any further payments from me. I also closed my account. I refuse to do business with a store who wonu2019t stand behind their products any better than that. I could go to Best Buy and purchase a Christmas gift for a family member, take it home and wrap it up, put it under the tree and when Christmas morning comes and they open it up to find itu2019s broken, I couldnu2019t even take it back to the store. Iu2019d be stuck paying for a broken product that I have to send in for repair. Iu2019m sorry but thatu2019s just wrong!! Iu2019ll never spend another dime at Best Buy

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