Best Car Buys

Best Car Buys

Best Car Buys BUYERS BEWARE Denver Colorado!!. If I could rate Dead Car Buys…I mean, Best Car Buys I would give them a negative 1. It is great to be able to leave a car lot without putting any money down but it is not worth all the problems that will come after you leave the lot. To make a long story short the car I purchased was a lemon. Warranty…what warranty! They sent me over to a shop that failed to fix my car each time it was brought to them. My car never passed emissions and I had it for almost 5 months!! Instead of putting me in a better car Best Car Buys refused and kept referring me to go to the same shop that still failed to fix my car to pass emissions. After my car broke completely down on my way to work I told Best Car Buys this problem has gone on for way too long and I need to be placed in a loaner while they fix my limon so I can make it to work and they told me they didn’t know when one would be available…really! I am dealing with a high risk pregnancy and the last thing I needed was stress from this BS business. After the ill treatment from Best Car Buys I had to try my luck with another dealership. The same day my car broke down I went to another dealership and thank God I was blessed with a newer car, lower miles, 3 year warranty, much much lower payments, and I bought my new car for a few thousand dollars less than the high milage, rip off limon of a car that Best Car Buys tried to stick me with. Thank you Cherry Creek Dodge for being my angels and saving me from these jerks!! After Best Car Buys found out I went with another dealship then they offered me a loner/new car but it was too late.

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Charles William horvath, Charles Chronister, dirty dragon diesel, northwest dent side crew Charles William horvath, Charles Chronister,

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