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Best Holiday Malaysia Complaint

Best Holiday is a travel agency located in Kuala Lumpur. They are also part of MattaFair. When we asked the representative, they promised us that it contained at least 4-5 star hotels. When we went to taiwan (tour package), they gave us a motel where it was extremely inappropriate for a family. Please review the email that was sent to them. All people in the tour group signed the letter agreeing that the company did not do as they promised. THEY LIED TO THEIR CUSTOMER! Here is the letter: To everyone who will be travelling, DO NOT USE BEST HOLIDAY (Best Holiday Sdn. Bhd, GET YOUR MONEY BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, I JUST WROTE A COMPLAIN LETTER AND THEY COMPLETELY IGNORED IT, they do not care about their customers nor do they care about what kind of place they take you to. ?????, ?????????.???????brochure ??????, ???, ????!??????????????????????????!??????. This was the letter I wrote to them, and all they said was there isn’t any compensation. Here’s the letter: To Best Holiday, My name is Ruishen Teh and I am part of the Taiwan tour under Ms Siewlan Chua. I am writing this letter to express my disappointment with the Taiwan tour I am currently in . Here are most of the reasons to why I am complaining: (1) flight booking was at first Cathay pacific, it was then changed to Eva air at the last minute and you dared asked my family and I to pay for the extra fee ? (2) A tour leader was promised and after PAYING, you had decided to not have one because your company wants to save money? (3) All of the food that was mentioned as our meals on the brochure was not served! *day 2: ??? we had ??? *day 3: ????? we did not have this *day 4: ???? we did not have this *day 5: ????? we did not have this (4) The hotels! Day 1: Tao yuan ; fine (still not that acceptable) Day 2: Xiang Chen ; fine Day 3: 85 Hotel ; fine Day 4: Atayal Resort This is not even remotely close to being acceptable! This hotel was disgusting . The bathroom was gross, the shower place kept on flooding. I asked for a repair and even after they “repaired” it still flooded ! The hot spring ? Come on, this is not real right ? There were particles floating in the water, it was beyond dirty! I was itching all over after it. Day 5: Armani Motel (See pictures below) This is absurd! Are you serious with this motel? First of all, I was promised a hotel not a motel. Secondly, the showers does not even have doors ? I am traveling with my parents, I do not want to see their private parts while they poop or take a shower. This is a place, as I believe, where people come to pleasure themselves with their partners. This is NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY! I was welcomed to this hotel with a bowl of CONDOMS?? There are kids within our group and you thought that it was a good idea to have that? In order for some comfort of taking a shower, I had to use umbrellas to cover the path to the bathroom because it is ridiculous. The power outlets to this place are all not attached to the wall, they are hanging! It is so dangerous, what if I get shocked, will you be responsible for this? The shower once again floods!! It’s worse than yesterday’s . The water actually floods outside of the shower door( which is transparent, clear) would you shower in a place like this to where your kids can see your private parts? (5) When I asked about the tour earlier on, I was promised a 4-5 star HOTEL every night ! I googled all of them and based on experience I only got 1 hotel that was at that rate. While all the others were way below 4 stars. This means that you did not do your research right, or your company had lied to the customers in order to gain business. To end this letter, I want to let you know my family and I are extremely disgusted along with the other people in the group. I don’t want to come back to Taiwan to join a tour group because of your lies. I demand a refund for the last five days I was here! This is only the 5th day, how will you be compensating me and dealing with this issue for the next two days here ? I want to post on all social networking sites, trip advisor, your company website and even the newspaper to let others know of your lies and terrible business. I hope that no one goes through the same hell my family and I did for the past few nights in Taiwan! I want a respond from you! Best, Your disgusted customer

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