BEST Life and Health Insurance Company

BEST Life and Health Insurance Company

THIS INSURANCE IS A SCAM STAY AWAY!!!!! HERE’S MY STORY WITH THEM….I terminated by coverage at the beginning of April through the marketplace (which is where I signed up for the insurance) and got a termination date of 4/27/18. I was not notified from the marketplace or Bestlife that I needed to contact Bestlife directly when terminating my coverage to stop the automatic payments. So I was charged on 5/1/18 and when I called to see why I was charged I was told that I needed to give a 14 day notice to stop payments. | But I assumed that I had already done this because I terminated my coverage at the beginning of April and was given a termination date. So then I was told by the supervisor Shawn from the escalations department that I do not need to make assumptions, and that they do not work off of assumptions. But yet that’s a lie because I was told since my payment went through the company ASSUMES I still want my coverage. So it is okay for the company to take my money and just assume I still want coverage but not okay for me to assume that since I TERMINATED my coverage that I will not get charged. | And like I stated before I was not notified by anyone that I needed to contact Bestlife directly nor when I signed up for automatic payments that I need to contact directly and give a 14 day notice to stop payments. This information was at no time ever disclosed to me. And another thing Shawn discussed with me is that they can not go off of the information they received from the Marketplace concerning my termination, but yet you can get all my other information from the Marketplace as far as wanting to sign up and what not. This to me does not make sense. I am very upset with this company and the customer service and they are refusing to give me a refund. | I feel scammed and used by this company. I technically did give a 14 day noticed when I first terminated by coverage at the beginning at April and the company was obviously notified of this termination because when I logged into my account last week to check on it it showed a termination date of 4/27/18 so the information had been received from the marketplace. And the 2 times I’ve called to speak with someone about this they just keep going around in circles and now I am currently waiting on a call back from another supervisor and have sent an email as well. So save yourself some time and go with different insurance company.

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  1. Claudie Knehans
    June 17, 2020

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