Best Preowned RV

Best Preowned RV

Best Preowned RV Deceptive Trading Houston Texas!!. BUYER BEWARE: FOLKS, BEWARE! THESE FOLKS HAVE SELECTIVE AMNESIA. IF YOUu2019RE GOING TO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE BE SURE AND GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR WORD!!! ONCE THEY HAD OUR MONEY WE KNEW THERE WAS A PROBLEM AS THEY TREATED US MORE LIKE WE WERE A NUISANCE THAN A CUSTOMER. My wife and I visited Best Preowned in October of 2018 looking for a diesel pusher. Everyone seemed friendly and interested in helping us make the right decision. We looked at a number of coaches they had on sight and were eventually convinced by Marilyn that we should buy a 2003 Tropical T370. She told us; when they were through with it we wouldnu2019t even recognize it. We told her anything we bought need to have a hide-a-bed. No problem, she said theyu2019d take one from another coach and make it work in ours. During this whole process we kept telling them that one of the reasons we wanted to buy now was because we were planning a trip to Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday to see family. We were told that to insure the coach was in good working order and ready to hit the road, they wouldnu2019t be able to deliver it any sooner than the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Mind you, these folks already had our $60,000. Finally, they acquiesced and said they could have it ready for us by 11/15. We were also told, when we purchased that weu2019d have the opportunity to spend the night at the Best Preowned location to go over the coach, learn where everything was located and how it all worked. When we showed up to get the RV we were told that Best Preowned had to fire the individual who was going to spend the time with us to go over the coach and itu2019s operation. We were told, donu2019t worry, youu2019ve previously owned 5th wheels and this isnu2019t much different. Going on that advice we took possession, (30 days after they took our money) and brought the coach home. Weather didnu2019t cooperate that following week and we were unable to take the coach out to insure everything worked. We had ordered a custom mattress for the hide-a-be while Best Preowned had the coach in their possession and the Wednesday before we were to leave for Phoenix we got the mattress and realized it wasnu2019t going to work, because we could get the hide-a-bed to close. They had cut the legs off to make it fit in the coach, which lowered it to the point that the spring mechanism was hitting the floor. I called them and told them what was going on. They said bring it in and theyu2019d get it right. We work for a living, so the only day we could do that was the Saturday we had intended to leave for Phoenix. Nevertheless, we took it in and a feeble attempt was made to get it right. My son ended up sleeping on the boothu2019s bed while we were on the road. We ended up leaving on Sunday and made it as far as Van Horn, TX the first day. When we pulled into a local KOA and started the connection process for the coach, we immediately realized that the water was not working. There was plenty of water coming out of the faucet, but nothing was entering the coach. We called Best Preowned and one of the first things they told us was u201cmaybe the valve were reversedu201d Really!!! How in the world were we supposed to know that? Tried to apply their advice with no success, still no water! Comment u2018 u201cBring it in when you get backu201d . In the morning weu2019re trying to leave and the leveling system is telling us the jacks are down, when they werenu2019t and an alarm would go off every time you put it in gear. Comment u201c Bring it in when you get backu201d. I sent them this email u201cWater connection screwed up. No water whole trip. Windshield wiper switch fell off in my hand while driving down the road. Fuel filler vent not working, got soaked with diesel when i was filling up. Dash climate control doesn’t control temp. Won’t get hot or cold. Leveling controls kept indicating jacks were down when they were clearly up. There’s probably more, just tired of typing on my phone.u201d On the way back to Houston we also notice that the refrigerator was not working properly in the gas mode. We took the coach back to Best Preowned and gave them a list of the items that need to be fixed. They told us no problem. Three weeks later we called and asked why it was taking so long (Both my wife and I were off for the Christmas break and we really had wanted to take it out), they apologized and said Marilyn was traveling and had forgotten to let us know it was ready. No telling how long weu2019d of waited if we hadnu2019t called. Needless to say we missed the envelope to go anywhere. We put the coach in storage, where it we keep it plugged in to shore power and waited for an opportunity to take it out and confirm everything worked. The opportunity came on Valentineu2019s weekend. Took the coach to a local campground and to our surprise the water was still not working and the fridge had completely quit. Being completely pissed off at our situation, we called Best Preowned. They said they could send someone to the campground and try and get things working. I told them it made more sense for me to just bring it in the following morning (Valentineu2019s Day). I did just that and one of their employees was there to meet me. It was determined that the water problem was a blockage at the inlet (mostly algae) and that I probably caused it by hooking up to a bad faucet. Weu2019ve owned two 5th wheels and one bumper pull and have never experienced anything close to this kind of problem with the water system. Marilyn was strutting around the property and, came by and said we needed to be more conscientious about well water at unfamiliar campgrounds. Mind you we had only used the coach once and they had told us the problem was fixed, yet it was still our issue and we need to clean and if necessary replace all diffusers in the coach. While she was strutting around Marilyn also yelled across the parking lot that the fridge was just a $4 part and theyu2019d take care of it. They did some work on the fridge and told us we were good to go. We got back to the campground we had booked for the weekend and a few hours later decided to check the fridge, still no cool. I sent them an email and told them it still didnu2019t work. I was quickly rebuked by Marilyn, informing me that she had specifically told us we need to leave the fridge closed for no less than 24 hours. I asked my wife if she recalled hear her say that, u201cnope never heard her say anything like thatu201d. So we left it closed for 36 hours, just to make sure and the result was the same, still not working, in fact it was hot inside like a heater had been on in it. I sent them another email telling them this and was told to bring it in again. Dropped it off and also reminded them that the dash climate control was still in operative. The following morning I received an email from Marilyn stating that the cooling system for the fridge was out and that I was going to have to bring in $500 to cover the warranty deductible that they had so graciously provided when I gave them $60,000. I told them I thought that wasnu2019t fair as we had told them, on more than one occasion, that the fridge was not working correctly. Her response u201cNo Gary you wife said Saturday that it worked I will not pay to have it fixed. You have driven this RV 2700 Miles so I know you have used itu201d my wife said she never told her that. Needless to say her response irked me and I wrote her back and asked what the hell mileage had to do with the fridgeu2019s operation. Marilynu2019s response; u201cYou would not of gone that many miles without a refrigerator. Your wife said Saturday that it had been working. Gary we have been as nice to you as we can. We kindly ask that you pick up your RV and take it somewhere else to be repair. We will not tolerate your tone, verbal abuse and threats anymore. Marilynu201d. WE ONLY WENT ON ONE TRIP IN THIS COACH, IT JUST HAPPENED TO BE TO PHOENIX. ONE TRIP!!! NOTHING BUT PROBLEMSu2026I GUESS THEYu2019RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH IGLO COOLERS. There were other promises made when we purchased the coach including, theyu2019d recover the sofa bed to better match the coachu2019s interior and they would also repair the driveru2019s seat upholstery. Their repair of the driveru2019s seat was to remove the exposed cord in the upholstery. When we disapproved, they offered to recover both seats at our convenience for a mere $400. My bet is they would never have agreed to do it when we came back.

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