Better All Auto Sales

Better All Auto Sales

Better All Auto Sales Cons YAkima Washington!!. My niece who finally graduated college and found a well paying job decided to treat herself, her treat being a truck which she very well derserves. So she came here to Yakima and looked at different lots and different vehicles. She was lead to Better All Auto Sales which that’s where this all became a headache. Upon the purchase of her vehicle she purchased it for a certain amount and due to credit issues they found a company out of Oregon that would finance her with the fees being just as much as the price of the truck. Which she purchased the truck in September 2014. The salesman assured her if after she starts driving it and if it needs anything fixed then they will do the repairs. When they were backing it out of the detail shop they cracked the side mirror on the passenger side, which yes it is still cracked never fixed. In December I had just had my son and was headed from Yakima to Ellensburg to be with my family, my niece and I both felt that the truck was driving rather strangely. Attempts to have the dealership look at it failed, mind you my son was only one day old. A week after that drive we find out lug nuts were lose and I believe one missing, which LEs Schwab did the repairs, mind you this is a high respected and well known business. Which the gentleman who conducted the repairs totalling 2000.00 dollars stated that this was pre exisiting and the dealership would have noticed this if they actually inspected the vehicle. The result of that was that if we would have not have noticed someone could have gotten seriously hurt or even a life taken, REALLY?!! I kept thinking thank God my niece wasn’t hurt or even my day old son who by then was a week old. IT was very discouraging and upsetting that a dealership would sell and send a vehicle off the lot like that which shows they don’t care about customers, they only care about the money and the sale. If a life would have been taken I am sure it wouldn’t matter. At that time she had, had the truck for two and a half months. the noise still remains and now it’s leaking oil and/or some other fluid. MArch 31st she brought the vehicle down to the car lot, which it’s so much like the other report made just a different vehicle. They tried to sell her a different vehicle which was more money, higher payments and she would have to come up with another large down payment. Mind you she has not missed a payment. It’s now been 3 days the truck has set not one repair made. BUT one thing that just put red flags up is that when she took the truck in they had none of her paperwor, the paperwork that she filled out upon the intial buying of the vehicle. The paperwork with her name, address, social security number, date of birth, all that paperwork gone. The car salesman doesn’t work there anymore. The number one crime in this state lately is Idenity Theft and they acted like no big deal they just took it again. Where did the paperwork go and this is very alarming. Also the mechanic stated that the sensor was missing and what was wrong with the truck could not be determined without it. IT’s like he caught himself and changed his story which he then stated that he found it put it in and nothing is wrong with the vehicle. Which I also found in researching that the Better Business Bureau won’t even accredit them or stand behind them. Which I can see why, they have had 2 reports closed in two yeas and 1 report closed in the past 12 months. All we wanted was for them to fix what should have been fixed or for them to make it right with another car that wasn’t going to put her into debt further. But they are just reluctant to fix or do anythin. Which it’s sad that companies can be this dishonest and get away with it. Or sell cars that fall under the Used car Lemon Laws. Which I guess if they keep being reluctant to help resolve this which according to ht eLemon Law it could be as simple as refunding the down payment. Then it’s onto filing a dispute and complaint also reporting to the Attorney General’s Office. A simple sorry and let’s fix your car or get you into a better car and we are sorry for the inconveniece would have been the professional thing to do but it’s becoming a battle that I hope to see my niece win.

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