Beverly hills BMW

Beverly hills BMW

Beverly hills BMW, Joseph Steals from young Girl buying a new car LOS ANGELES California!!. Buying a car is not only exciting but can also feel nerve-racking as you choose the car of your dreams. For me it was important that i choose a place that i could trust. I have always chosen BMW all my life and i was ready for an upgrade from my older car. The sales advisor that assisted me was Joseph. he assured me that he would make sure i would get the best deal and made me feel as if i could trust him. so first off when, i originally went in there i wanted to get the 440i. price was $529 a month. once they ran my credit he told me that i wasn’t able to be approved for a 440i and said i would only be able to get a 428i which was a lie.normal prices for 428i is at $369 on there website. he then convinced me to take a look at leasing a used loaner car for customers who borrowed while waiting for there cars to be serviced and that i would get a better deal if i considered this car instead of a brand new one. it already had about 6k miles on it. he then asked me what my max budget was, i said $600 because i assumed that what 440i ran at. Little did i know this was there way to find out how much they will be charging you…… after i agreed to liking the used 2019 not even 2019 428i and see what the payments would be. he came back with a piece of paper that said $599. i was a little shocked that he would charge me double what they run for and considering that it was used.but of course. Joseph, lied and said i wouldn’t be able to get approved for any other car. which was also not true.Finally the icing on the cake, They then upsold me even more at the end by adding insurance for tires and future scraped rims for a additional $40 a month my grand total was $640 a month. Which BTW 640i run for about that pricing on a lease. now being a young girl and not know her numbers i am sad to say by going in Beverly Hills BMW that they not only took advantage of me and clearly stole from me. but the car ended up driving off with also had stain damages all over the seats. They sincerely apologized and of course asked if i could come back the next day to get it repaired. so finally when everything was done with this transaction. pretty much they gave me not only the car i didn’t love but also, the bottle of the barley inventory damaged car and then charged me double on my payments. for anyone going to this dealership be very careful. I feel so betrayed by them and want any young girl my age or person to not let these dealerships steal from you its dishonest, Wrong, and dirty. Best of Luck hope this helps.

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