BEWARE Alistair Caridi, Jenna Darveau, Nicolas Connal, The Academy Stole MOB TIES, BANK FRAUD, BEWARE!!!

BEWARE Alistair Caridi, Jenna Darveau, Nicolas Connal, The Academy Stole MOB TIES, BANK FRAUD, BEWARE!!!

BEWARE Alistair Caridi, Jenna Darveau, Nicolas Connal, The Academy Stole MOB TIES, BANK FRAUD, BEWARE!!! Vijay Baquet Jeffrey Shriram Terravia Alistair Caridi Jenna Darveau & Nicolas Connal Run SCAM Team, The Academy, Caridi Holdings MOB Ties Broken Legs, Bad People Holly Springs north carolina!!. I was introduced by someone I thought was a friend who said they were trying to help me when my grampa died. I was first introduced to Jenna through this guy Ari Baquet some kid from the Bronx who moved to NC right before I did. Her and Alstair they call him Caridi and Nicolas met me up from coffee on Palo Alto St. They said they had a new investment company that they called The Academy where they invested into a lot of new technology companies from all over, mainly focused at the time in Ashville. They invited me to what they called their local investor meetup the following week which I did go to. There I met this crazy guy named Vijay Baquet Jeffrey Shriram, Jenna Darveau. Several told me they initially invested $10 G’s each but they were already up like $100 Gs. I was like OMG I’m ballin if that the case- but no. So they talkin about some companies and stocks- I don’t really know bizness so I just sat back and listened for a while. I went to send them money to their company and they asked if I could deposit cash. I knew I should run rite then but they said they end up makin the investment in bitcoin and thats how they were making so much. It sounded right. Long story shortened, I gave it to em and they said they would send out monthly reports and whatnot and if things kept up I could start gettin my check in a month or two. I called Jenna Caridi and I could hear Nicolas Darveau and Garneau in the backgroun… maybe like right after the first month. Caridi axed me about Ari and I said I hadn’t seen them but I ran into Baquet at the store and they said he had to go back to NYC. So they said it took them a while to get the money truned into bit coin and it would be couple weeks more before I start getting my check. I told them I need a new car so hurry please. I kept calling and was either told it would be another week or that their system had been down for some bit coin hack or somethin. Same story every time big surprise. Finally I start getting mad and tellin them I’m going to start raisinig hell. They had this crazy big motherf**ker Dominic Lanza come up to my work and tellin me not to get too loud and that they were getting everything figured out. I just said I need some money. He visited me at my work a few times more. Last time he came in he said Jenna and Caridi told him to let me know. I’m like let me know what? They saying Caridi in a mob family. F*CK THT. I just said plz give my money back I don’t need trouble please. I get random texts next few months talkin bout I better not say nothing to nobody. These fools aint playing. Well, I grew up to let no body mess with me. I just want my money. Some body sent me a link to this Caridi who they call Tony Saprano of Long Island but it didn’t look recent. I said nicolas, Darveau, Jeffrey, Salvitti, Christian, McKown, and Vijay Shriram are in on it too they gotta be. I just want my money bak no beef. Finally they say no can do the bit coin got hacked but if I dont say nothin they give it back. My lawyer he can draw papers to make it go quite so please just hook me up plz. I’m not gonna call no law cuz Im not stupid but just watch out. Yo, you give my money back and I take offa here. Plz

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