BH cars

BH cars

BH cars Great Place. Great Salesman. Terrible Management. North Lauderdal Florida!!. I was refered to Bh cars. I was told that given my credit history and work situation i would not qualify for conventional financing. I dont know if this was true or not. I DO KNOW that my salesman was polite and respectfull about it. He told me i needed a $1500 down payment to get to the payments that i wanted. I agreed. when the final paperwork came out i was told that i had thirty days to produce an additional $1000 to cover “taxes and fees”. At this point the slimey manager came out. Mind you I had never met the greaseball before in my life. He told me he would delay my payments by forty five days in order to allow this “pick” i believe was the term. I Agreed. I had a new job lined up the following monday and need a ride to get there. I purchased the truck on a wednesday. on thursday i noticed the radiator was leaking. I called my saleman who told me to bring the car in asap. I told him i was busy and ill be by in the moring. I was waiting at the gate at opening time. the MECHANICS took a quick look under the hood around 10:15 maybe 10:30 ( shop opens at 9:00 but the mechanics need to have cofee and Smokes first) and informed me that some hose was “busted”. And that i had to pay to material cost and they would cover the labor. I told them that this wasnt fair as i had the car for a day drove less than 10 miles and already had problems. The mechanic came back with a better offer, instead of the $100 material cost he would split it 50/50. ( i later called napa and the part in question was $55) I said no. the Mechanic told me to wait for the manager. Manager strolls in around noon-ish. ignores my now clearly angered self and proceedes to have a conversation with some lady in a very short skirt seated at his desk. when i explained my situation to him. he burst into a violent rage. strted to scream at me and berate me in front of other customers and i still have no idea who short skirt lady is or what she shedoing there. But i know she had a front row seat for the show. my salesman stepped in and he then recieved some very unkind words from mr. Slick. At this point the owner steps in seemingly out of nowhere. The one gentleman in this mess. and say ” should we really lose future business over 50 bucks?” and with those wise words the mechanics began working on the car that shouldnt have broken down in the first place. and hot head manager shut his mouth. I have refferd people to them. and i give everyone the same advice. stay away from the Manager. he sits behind a one way mirror window. avoid him at all costs. And to you Mr. Slick Manager with the fake armani sunglasses, get yourself some help. Anger Management is not so bad. or get some medication.

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