BHG Companies Inc., Housing Real Est ate Investment Co

BHG Companies Inc., Housing Real Est ate Investment Co

BHG Companies Inc. ,Housing/Real Estate Investment Co, BHG Companies Inc Barron Housing Group ,BHG, Tina Canada: [email protected] Employment scam Beverly Hills California!!. They call themselves the #1 workplace for women & minorities I received an email from a Tina Canada, offering me a career position with BHG Companies. I believe she found my resume on, not sure if I applied or she scouted me out. This is the email I received: Hello______, I reviewed your qualifications again and would LOVE to offer you a career here at BHG Companies. Are you available to discuss a position in our Chula Vista, CA finance center? Our HR Recruiter ($76K) and HR Administrator ($48K) jobs are available but they will get filled quickly. We fill our positions within hours mainly because our company benefits plan includes: Company pension plan Medical, dental, disability and life insurance coverage (10) paid vacation and personal days Gym membership, Iphone and laptop Discounted company housing up to 4-bedrooms…etc… Can you quickly schedule a hiring meeting within 5-minutes of seeing this? I want to offer you our HR Administrator or Assistant Office Manager position. Both are full-time, 8:30AM-5PM (Mon-Fri) posts, starting at $59K/$63K, with a $4500 signing bonus All you need to do is a schedule a hiring meeting and complete your I9 clearance. The state requires that all senior level administrators have an I9 clearance through their employer. If you fail to get your I9 clearance, I can’t hire you under any circumstance. Sorry it’s now state law. Schedule a hiring meeting at I hate to rush you into anything but we definitely want to make a hiring decision immediately. So please, schedule your meeting and complete the I9. I can almost guarantee you a job once you’re cleared. Thanks my friend, Tina C. Tina Canada Human Resources Coordinator Barron Housing Group (BHG) Shorty after, I received another message from someone else with the company: Candidate 7018819279, ____________________ Hello, We’re unable to proceed with your candidacy for employment at BHG Companies right now for the following two (2) reasons: Unable to verify your Experianu00ae credit score Unable to verify your Equifaxu00ae credit score If you want to start a job at BHG Companies, I need both your Experianu00ae and Equifaxu00ae scores on file within the next 15-minutes. We CAN NOT HIRE YOU without your scores. Access your Experianu00ae and Equifaxu00ae scores – I Touch Here For Your Scores. ( is the first one they direct you too. Then, is the second & this one requires your credit card to charge $1.00 for a 7 day trial) We’re making our hiring decision tomorrow by 5PM and I need your I9 clearance on file. Tina Canada and I will give you a hiring call immediately after you access your scores! Erin Timothy Chief HR Director Corporate Office HQ Sincerely, Erin Timothy The link in the email takes you to I9 E-Verify Employment Documents. They made it look as legitimate as possible; they even have the Department of Justice and Homeland Security names and logos at the beginning of the documents. Samantha Crews (another name listed as an HR coordinator) Carmen Tisde (another name listed as an HR coordinator) Tina A. Canada Human Resources Coordinator Erin Timothy Chief HR Director Corporate Office HQ Karen Miller Senior Hiring Manager “BHG Housing a Real Estate Company” “Barron Housing Group (BHG)”

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