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In today’s world, many of us are cut off and alienated from our true, authentic self – a healthy, balanced ego state. Our bodies produce symptoms in an effort to alert us that we are out of balance. Sadly, we often ignore these red flags or, we attempt to medicate the symptoms without working to understand the root cause of the physiological manifestation. In every individual there exists a desire to live a life unburdened by excessive guilt and shame coupled with the freedom to enjoy a fuller and less restrictive emotional experience. It is here, that I meet you.In my work, I seek to embody the core values of warmth, respect and positive regard. I seek to partner with a client, using my clinical experience to aid them in identifying inner conflicts and disenfranchised parts of self as well as identifying (then, improving) environmental and interpersonal stressors.I offer a highly personalized and client centric treatment experience. I do my own scheduling and administration. I am out of network with all insurance companies. I provide the necessary documentation to claim out of network reimbursement.

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