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Bianchi Concrete Inc

The adventures of the mistake of hiring John Bianchi Jr. (Bianchi Concrete) for my carport slab: | The whole episode started by John Bianchi Jr. producing an incomplete County building permit stating “that is all we need”. The “Permit” WAS NOT a legitimate completed permit for the proposed work. | After the work was completed (during much conflict and unpleasant, UNTRUTHFUL dialogue), I found out I was in trouble with the county Residential Permitting department for the work having been completed WITHOUT a legitimate permit. This ultimately cost me over $100. in additional expense with the county. Citrus county helped me through this mess forgiving the fact the MANDATORY inspections weren’t made pursuant to a valid permit. Citrus County Permitting went above and beyond what they were obliged to do. They could’ve hung me out to dry after Bianchi’s actions, but instead were amicably helpful in circumventing Bianchi’s deception and dishonesty. | The actual size of the slab was 19’11” X 29’10”, the contract called for a 20′ X 30″ slab. I DID NOT get that for which I paid! This creates a “workaround” problem with the carport which was ordered to fit the correctly sized (and paid for) slab. In addition, when the carport was erected, the slab was found to be parallelogram shaped, out of square by 6 to 8”. The carport contractor was then obliged to erect the carport with uneven spacing in relation to the slab. | John Bianchi, during the project, at the end of the first day, needed an advance to pay his workers who were apparently waiting for back pay to be completed. This was seemingly necessary to assure their return the next day, as his payroll apparently wasn’t being made. He also needed me to furnish fuel for his equipment, as he hadn’t brought any gasoline with him. I furnished the necessary gasoline as a favor. I also provided a light lunch on the ‘work day’ for him and his crew. His 2 man crew was very polite and in complete contrast to John Bianchi’s persona. In addition to all this,the Concrete company demanded a check from ME, “or the driver couldn’t leave”. Bianchi had no capability of trust with any local concrete vendors. I refused, and the concrete truck gave up and left. In a subsequent conversation with the concrete company they informed me that John Bianchi is a “COD only” customer. On the 4 or 5 jobs performed here previously with other contractors this was NEVER an issue. | I was absent at the time the forms and ground had been prepared. My wife called me in severe distress as Bianchi was preparing to pour the concrete over ground vegetation which he had promised both of us to remove. (and as the county mandated) A violent argument arose over Bianchi’s unfulfilled promise to NOT pour over vegetation. He became very aggressive, and hostile, severely upsetting my wife in a manner I haven’t seen in our 50 plus years of our marriage. At this point he should have been ordered to leave the property. Having my not being there at that time, the work proceeded over the ground vegetation. In addition, the slab is parallelogram shaped, out of square by 6 to 8”. | . | John Bianchi Jr. has a beautiful web site which he claims as his work. The entire web site and the illustrated work are the result of his father, John Bianchi Sr. John Bianchi Jr. is pictured on the first page of the site. His father, John Sr. is and has been retired for some years. The scores of jobs pictured which John Jr. claims to be his work, are in fact that of his retired father’s past construction. John Jr. merely took over the web site. It’s noteworthy ALL of the positive customer reports precede 2012 at which time John Sr. was active. This was a primary reason I chose him to do the job. Little did I realize this was part and parcel to the overall untruthful subterfuge permeating all of my interaction with John Bianchi Jr.’s action and words. As an unrelated side note, it puzzles me as to why John Bianchi Sr. allows his good name and performance record to be pulled through the mud by his son. | . | To recap: Contractor totally untruthful and deceptive, the slab was not the contracted size, (was undersize) was severely out-of-square and was poured over vegetative material contrary to my contract and Citrus County’s regulations. The slab is also not flat, having numerous low areas creating puddles when raining. This is about the fourth of fifth job on my property requiring cement work, (by other contractors) and is the only one in which existed so much tense argumentation and absolutely amateurish sub-standard results. No valid Building Permit was generated as promised AND STATED! These were the legal ramifications of Bianchi Concrete’s violations. Aside from blatant legal issues, John Bianchi’s volatile, angry, hostile, argumentative attitude served an unbelievable (but quasi-legal) disconcerting addition. Truth be known, if Bianchi had pulled a completed permit, I would’ve received a much better job. It was to his advantage to avoid any inspections as numerous issues would’ve been an issue with the code enforcement officer. I might have actually received a correctly sized concrete pad, and certainly one not poured on top of existing vegetation. | . | The “revised” construction permit number from Citrus County issued 9-10-2015 is 2015-08484 for which I paid an additional $128.60. In the end, code enforcement really “cut me some slack” on violations for which could have conceivably been my responsibility. John Bianchi got paid, I got the wrong end of the stick. By being the land owner, I was subject to serious fines for work being done without a legitimate, completed permit. I think code enforcement thought I deserved a break instead of prosecution. Of that, I am thankful and grateful. | John Michael (M) Bianchi has had felony convictions, was incarcerated between 11/7/2003 to 8/30/2007 with additional multiple arrests involving a plethora of offenses including DUI, assault, and others. These are a matter of public record, available to anyone researching his background. Little did I know ! The picture of Mr. Bianchi is a recent “mug shot” taken during his recent of MANY arrests through the years. John Michael (M) Bianchi has had felony convictions, was incarcerated between 11/7/2003 to 8/30/2007 with additional multiple arrests involving a plethora of offenses. These are a matter of public record, available to anyone researching his background. Little did I know about this either. !

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