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Report Filed: Bid On Infusion Online auction Sold me Garbage with items missing as advertised then said would refund and declined. 132 White Horse Court, Suite A, Greenville, SC 296 South Carolina!!

I went online auction at bid on infusion.They sell skids of return items from walmart and target and other stores. I had winning bids on 7 skids. Under each picture they advertised certain items to make the skid sell. In my case one was a steam cleaner and the other skid was a screw gun and the other skid had shredders and baby items. We called their office because we thought we did not have enough time to pick up items and the girl said oh you can cancel or i will call and see if they will wait. she called back and said they would wait. Her name was tammy. So we went ahead and drove 4 hours and they were refusing to let us get the stuff although there were twenty trucks in the driveway still loading. Finally they said okay and put two skids on truck but would not let us check them and they were wrapped up. I took a picture of the truck at this time to send my daughter. So we put the other small items from the other skid in truck. We got home and unloaded the one skid and we were missing all the main items they said would be there which is what we bid on. The next skid was a steam cleaner as main item when we opened the box there was a bottom of a steam cleaner and it was full of dirt. It was thirty years old and all the buttons were broken off and it was full of mud and garbage. The other load was scales that did not work. Most of it was garbage. I called their office because we still had three skids to pick up and we were now not willing to get them when we looked at pics they had advertised it showed items missing off our skids and you could see in the plastic where they were missing and different boxes were on the skid. Tammy answered the phone and apologized and told me to go have a glass of wine she would take care of it monday moring. I told her thank you and w spoke twice. She said it would be refunded for the other four skids and not to worry. My husband at this time had taken off work anyway because we just at this point did not trust them and i told her please let us know early incase we do have to go get them and we borrowed a trailer. Well monday came and i talked to her several times and we did not get a answer until it was way past our time to pick up these items and we then had no time to go do it. She was now declining on everything she said to me including that the company has had items stolen off skids in the past and i had suggested putting a rope around stuff so people could not do this before items were picked up. She now declined on all of this conversation also. So if there is anyone out there that has been ripped off please contact me because i have a lawyer and i am filing against them for lying about refund and lying and false advertising . This company thinks because it is final sales that covers missing items? So hey if half of it is gone before you pick it up not our fault? This company is just not being professional and i would hate to see anyone else spend money to only find their items missing and garbage on other skids. This has been a stressful situation for me since i am not well and causing me undo stress on top of a illness. The lying is beyond me how she can be nice one minute and then turn arond and deny all that she had said to me. I am a honest person and if they think they are going to win in court by lying forget it. By my experience most judges see through this. Anyway beware of this company…. is my warning.

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