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The customer service team is crappy and unprofessional. I would not trust these people with my personal information. They have access to peoples identification, ss, phone numbers and addresses. My experience was so terrible and the way that management handle it was sue worthy. These people have policies they do not enforce. You are assessed fees when you do not pay up on land but when sells do not pay up, they are not penalized. I won a bid and they permitted the seller to cancel. Then the customer service was so poor I called a rep a [censored] and they banned me. She was a [censored]. But they banned me to cover up the fact that they permitted a seller to cancel the deal that he listed in correct, instead of making him sell me the property under the correct information. He got to resell the property that I won the auction for, because he sells there frequently. This is illegal and a bias. These people are not to be trusted. I think they have hillbillies of all races sitting behind the customer service line taking your personal information… who knows what they do with it. There are other bidding sites. Check them out because these guys are crap.

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  1. Armanda Landt
    June 17, 2020

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