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So i signed up as others on here and bought a bid pack for $37.50 and started on my bidding. So after about 45 minutes i had lost the bids on this pennyauction site. I am not sure if I was doing it wrong but I liked it. So I bought another bid cactus bundle and this time a 100 bids. Well an hour later I lost this money, except I won a 30 dollar item. So I decided to learn and watch and the more I learned and watched I wondered if this was real, Was this site doing bots or shillbiders, Which I learned about on … So I decided to research Penny auctions and read on penny auction watch and saw lots of companies that are so called doing this. So I decided to bid on the small items and went and bought more bids and began bidding on bid packs, which i was successful, but hit my limit. So I Waited a day and started again and won nothing but another bid pack. Now I have spent hours hours over the past 3 weeks reading up on this stuff and again when I found more information on about other sites It got me wondering. I see Bidcactus on there being advertised so they must be good right? You would think so if they are on penny auction watch. Why I am losing so much on bidcactus why is it that I can only win bidpacks and yet on Penny Auction watch it says that they can be trusted or at least they advertise for them. Then I find this site and see hundreds of complaints and yet penny auction watch bad mouths so many other sites. Are they the same owners? What are they doing advertising for this site Why is there nothing on penny auction watch about or about the complaints and they have so many complaints, Maybe bidcactus has bots or whatever they have going, but like others on this site, I cant win anything and I am in this over 400 bucks!!! I don’t recommend bidcactus and lost my trust and I don’t trust penny auction watch either, I think they are the same, and after reading all the complaints and that they are Ernst and young rated, Hell I don’t even know what that is, but penny auction watch and Bidcactus sure think it means something cause hundreds or thousands of people like me cant win S–T on this site, but yet they sure do promote them. I gonna try some others and see what I get and go to penny auction watch and click on there ads for other companies and see what those sites have to offer. I hope its not the same, but i will look on complaints boards first before buying or trusting penny auction watch. PS I WANT MY $400.00 back BIDCACTUS

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  1. Frankie Mincer
    June 17, 2020
  2. Ethel Bovia
    June 17, 2020
  3. Lacey Hakeem
    June 17, 2020

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