Big Boy Auto Sales

Big Boy Auto Sales

Big Boy Auto Wrights Auto Outlet A shred of Integrity Medford Oregon!!. I donu2019t expect used car salesmen to disclose everything, but a little honesty would be nice. I recently purchased a suburban from Big Boy Auto. The sales man told me he had driven it to his sonu2019s wedding in Coos Bay (a little past my destination), just the month before and there were no mechanical problems with the vehicle. He also informed me the AC blew u201cice coldu201d. This is important later. When I drove the 153 miles to go look at the vehicle, I did find it as clean as he had promised on the phone. When I went to test drive the vehicle the AC had bled out and was not working as it did when he himself used it a phew weeks earlier, at which we agreed on a lower price as such. Now comes my complaint. After purchasing the vehicle I charged the AC system with a couple cans from the store to get me home to coos bay on this hot Medford day and began my disappointing journey. The AC was not u201cice coldu201d as he promised on his sonu2019s wedding trip because the back vents blew only warm outside air. Very warm. And the front dash vents alone barely kept the heat off me. And while the blower fan did work, it squealed most of the way home with a bad blower motor. He would have known this since he drove it to his sonu2019s wedding on the same stretch of freeway. Second complaint. The tires were so out of balance at 65 I had a massage all the way back to Roseburg. This I did not notice on the test drive because the on ramp and off ramp were too close to bother passing the semi-truck in front of me. He could have however told me that before since he did in fact drive it to his sonu2019s wedding on the same stretch of freeway. And this is a mechanical problem so he would have felt it too. One wheel is missing the lug nut the other wheel for some reason is ground out around the nut. Third Complaint. After a couple hours of driving I noticed the transmission had started shifting very hard during road construction and after filling up with gas in coquille it went back to shifting normal. Canu2019t prove it did that on his trip to his sonu2019s wedding on the same stretch of road, I just assume it did. Sales men are not expected to know anything about vehicles they sell at a lot, but like HE said, he drove it to his sonu2019s wedding with a suburban full of family, he knew some of this stuff and I wish he would have told me. We agreed on a lower price because to the AC not working but he still assured me it drove very nice to his sonu2019s wedding and he couldnu2019t think of any reason why I might be disappointed with buying it. These are your reasons sir. The only thing the sales man was honest about was the miss matching odometer numbers on the Carfax report.

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