Big Owl Auto Rescue

Big Owl Auto Rescue

Big Owl Auto Rescue Willis Rebeca Horrible Mobile Mechanics Internet!!. Big Owl (Willis Rebeca): We just had a cancellation and I can have a technician come out now if you are available Me: This is Ms., please call or text with an appt. between 8-10am this week to have my a/c repaired and include pricing info. Thank you! Big Owl(Willis Rebeca): Parts and Labor $310.00 Me: I can pay $270 the original price quoted. Big Owl (Willis Rebeca): This is big owls we will be there around 2 or3 Me: Okay Me:When will the tech be out to repair my AC Big Owl: We can be there today between 2:30-3:30PM. I apologize for the delay I was driving at the time. Me: Tell the tech to call when he’s in route. Me: Where’s the tech Me:Any update on the replacement part? Me:Willis, this message is being sent to receive an update on when your tech will be returning to do the repairs on the lincoln. Me:You said you’d call the dealership to receive a price on the part earlier today however I haven’t heard from you. Me:Upon receipt of this message please reply. Me:You need to call me asap in reference to the condition of my car! If you do not have a mechanic that possess the capability of making the repair or simply don’t want to do it at least have enough professionalism to restore my car back into the condition it was in prior to your services. Me:Due to you failure to return my calls I will be posting an ad online to expose your poor business and work ethic. I will be posting pictures of before and after of my vehicle to evidence the fact my car was in great condition prior to your technician disassembling the dash. You are liable for any damages I may now encounter due to avoidance and an ensuing loss. I know this due to being a Texas licensed Insurance Agent. Me:I will post our correspondence sent via text on the internet and will pursue this matter legally if necessary. Me:I do not want to resort to exposing your business in this manner however I will if forced. Please do not take this lightly or dismiss my concerns as it is not defamation of character, neither libel or slander due to the information is fact finding based on previous messages you’ve sent to me and a photo taken while you were at my property. I refuse to contact you again regarding this matter. If you wish to avoid complaint exposure it will behoove you to contact me immediately. Big Owl: (1/2) The part is $230.00 from your local dealership. Once you retain the parts from the dealership. Text us and I will dispatch a technician out to install the Big Owl: (2/2) part. Big Owl: Let us know when you get the part. Thanks Me:Please specify the part to purchase including the part number to avoid any future confusion. Big Owl:I will send it to you Me: Please specify the part to purchase including the part number to avoid any future confusion. Me:I want to buy the air intake plenum which controls the ac temp however before doing so please confirm this is in fact the part to be replaced. Also, I need the mirrors replaced today. Big Owl: Calling the dealership now to get the part number Me: I’ve called you twice, please reply with when a tech will be dispatched. Me: I’m not playing any games with you! A tech needs to be here before 10 if not I’m posting complaint ads. Me: I called and text you several times yesterday and you didn’t reply. I will be sure to tell my referrals not to use your service.

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