big red sports imports kia susuki

big red sports imports kia susuki

big red sports imports kia susuki sales man Mario Garcia finnace officer RT tryin to rip me off stealing 2 trade ins a motorcyle and a car okla, Oklahoma!!. big red sports import kia, me and my son went to the dealer ship and filed a loan aplication n it comes back my credit is 600 n because im on disability a fixed income the sales man mario garcia say ive got a open ended loan for my mortorcycle that i dont qualifiy without a cosighner, ok i ask if the bike was a good trade in n if so i wanted payoff for the bike n he says ya ok we will give u payoff for the bike and so my son cosighns for the loan and supposidly all is good and we got the whole thing settlled for a monthly payment of $340 and so he brings me a rating sheet of paper asking me to rate my experience at big reds on buying a car and i givethem a good rating and after that the ask me when can i bring down my 91 mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 a rare car but a older car, and i ask why do i need to trade in my mitsubishi i thought we had this all worked out and after u guys have me sighn a rating paperwork favorbly for ur dealer ship u come nd ask n say i need more caladeral??? this where it starts getting wormy the guys at bigred r now saying the bike isnt worth payoff which is bullshit because the yahaha dealer ship where i bought the Super tenere 1200cc motocycle had i had it apraised as far as a another bigger better bike loan and they say its worth$11,500 n i owed $8900 which is what i told them id take for the bike if i traded it in it would get rid of the open ended lone bigred claimed i didnt qualify for the loan in the first place over, well they came back after i sighned everything and tolm me they wernt gonna bebale to give me payoff on my bike??? wtf and i need o trade in the 91 mitsubishi 3000gtvr4 all wheel drive twin turbo as well as my bike, and so i ask what they were gonna give me for the car and they wouldnt say i ask what they were gonna giove me for the bike since now they caim its not worth payoff all after i sighn a rating of expereince at this dealer ship after i think everthing is set and done no problem! well big problem, they wouldnt give me any paper work except for the initial papers me and my son sighned r the only ones my eyes have seen and i wasnt allowed to bring those home, they said when ur son comes down they will send him home with the paperwork for the car pruchase and the other key, well my son came down and sighned his part and they sent him home without the finacial paper work either, i sat at that dealer ship for 8 hours and without anything to eat, im busted up like no other and take tons of medications including moriphine for cancerouse barrets cancer of the windpipe, so i must eat and drink every so often and i didnt bring my medications because they say hey it wont take more than 1 hour anyway by the time i leave im really in bad shape and just want to get home and get my medications and some food and drink i keep telling them i cannot drink soda pop because im diabetic i can only drink water and hell there out of water lol, anyway i cant think straight n as far as i can tell everthing is fixed once i deleiver the 91 mitsubishi 3000gtvr4 twin turbo car, and the sales uy mario garcia rides homewith me in my supposidly new 2018 kia fortia to pickup this car and drive it back to the bigred dealer ship where i bought my car in okla city, ok ok finally i think i can get some food my meds and lay down and get some rest but im up all night tossing and turning thinking somthings just not right just doesnt add up??!!, i fianlly get to sleep 4am in the morning and a phone call from BIGRED ?? wanting me and my son ryan to return to the dealer for a vin number inspection, somthing they pulled on me at the middle of the first day once i sighned the papers they said they gaveme the wrong car the one im supposed to get has HAIL DENTS ??? WTF omfg! well i look at this completly differnet car than the one i drove and picked out n its exact except the hail dents and they seem slight that is till u WASH the car!! anwya i think well sure enough they switched cars on me maybe they got the wrong vin numbers written down and they have called me on friday day 2 after ive got posssion of the car well more like 14 hrs asking me and my son/cosighner to come down for a vin inspection and to sighn one form that was forgotten to mention butonly after i said come to my house and inspect the vin because i dont want to spend 8hrs up there again with them playing bait and switch best i could make of it??, anyway i drive tp BIGRED n norman and looky looky they want me and my son to sighn forms that make my son the primary and me the cosighner and they lied about the vin inspection!!! wow!!! so i call my son and tell him this and no suprise hes like im not sighning that and i siad sounds good i will give em the car back get my bike and car back and to hell with it!! so i tell BIGRED im done and dont trust them and they say o no u drove off the lot its ur car, i said ok isnt there 3 days i can bring that vehicle back?/ isnt tha the law? he said nope theres never been any such law and i said according to u the deal isnt finalzed because they want my sons signiture as primary somthing we said n the beginiing we wont do, also u lied about the bike told me u would give payoff because it was well worth more than that, yet came back asking for the car saying ud changed ur mind about the amount of the payoff which was known to be $8900 and u wont show me where the car amount is or even tell me how much ur giving me for the car or the bike and i still dont know to this day because they havent n wont give me any paper work, after i wanted to just give the car back and i wanted my bike and car back they decided the first paper work we had sighned was good enough although i still dont have any paperwork about anything, ive bought alot of vehicles lets say like the bike i traded in at sehorn yamaha and when i went home with that big i was ent home with the loan n payment information in a envelope and it took maybe 1 hour tops and im on the road with my new bike no problem , sehorn yahama is straight up the best dam dealer ever to by a motorcycle from, these guys at BIGRED however r the most crooked theaving cheating lying people ive ever encountered, i normaly just like sehorn yamaha dealer ship i trusted BIGRED to be above board and honest,i even trusted them and told them i cant read the forms because i didnt have my glases but im sure my sone will read everything so i thought i was safe form these preditors??! nope they even threatened my son telling him they could make him sighn the second set of forms and they called him at his place of employment during work hours at bobmoore kia where he works as a kia mechanic, my son pic out this car for me becaise it was reliable and my kids want me to get off that motorcylce so i wouldnt have any escuses about going to my dr apointments when it rained because ive got cancerouse barrets cancer of the wind pipe, and my kids wanted me around as long as i could possiable survive th cancer so they felt i needed a newer better reliable resonably priced car, nd honeslty i didnt want the hail dents but i could live with it if the price drop was worth it, but by the time they screwed me out of my second car the 91 mitsubishi 3000gt twin turbo saying the motocyle a 2018 yamaha super tenere 1200cc wasnt worth the payoff on its own loan that bike was $14,000 and i paid $3000 down and made payments for 6 months at $219 and they bike was apraised at sehorn yamaha 2 days before as being worh $11,500 trade n value i owed $8900 on the bike so it just doesnt add up!! and the car was apraised after a cccident damaged it involving a 18 wheeler dropped its load onto the highway and the insurance company apraised that 91 mitsubish 3000gt 6months earler at $7000 and i was paid t repair the car $5600!! so once again it doesnt add up and thy still wont give me a second key saying they lost it, but then the parts deparment showed me they had the key but had to send it to kia to get it cut??? wtf bullshit! this car doesnt have a chipped key went to walmart had em cut me a key worked perfect once again everytime they opened there mouth lies n more lies, honestly i saw somone else on here with a simular story so im sure they r still up to somthing because i dont have any paper work yet the first anmd only paper work me and my son sighned was supposed to be Tinker credit union was to be the lender and they r a good lender, but they tryed to change all that to somthing else and god only knows wtf they will pull tomorow, hell i justy want my bike and car back at this point which i expressed to them saturday which made me in possetion of that car less than three days, inst there a law where if u think somthing is either junk or they r trying to rip a person off u can return a vehicle within three days okla law i thought was told ect, i will call a attorney tommorow u can bet on that n once again im sitting up can sleep/wishing i could sleep yet they got me so confused and upset because my son cosighned n i dont want to cause my son a problem is really my only concern i dont car if i have to walk i dont want to do my sons credit no harm, i want him to buy a house not get tangled n some web of legal deciet over BIGRED KIA n normam just cause he was trying to do me a favor, u know what they say ?? no good dead goes unpunished n thats what im afraid is instore for my son! ive got cancer n i know where thats going yet my son has to live on through the trials of life which is alot harder than i rememeber it being because seems everyones dishonest and on the take, call me if uve got any information or if i can help somone else whos gotten screwed by BIG RED KIA,

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