bigdog ralph

bigdog ralph

bigdog ralph ebc plating and juan treminio are dirty thiefs la puente california!!. I met jt from ebc plating at a car show he was selling chrome bumpers and he gave me his card and said he could chrome all the car parts i needed chromed so i called him and he came to my house on january 12,2019 he took my 1957 chevy front and rear bumpers and my radiator support and my back fins from my bak fenders he said they would be done in a week but he needed all the money up front so i gave him $1,100 dollors and he left i waited two weeks and called him and left a message i left about 20 messages and then he called back he told me that the chrome was not very good and they had to redo it so it would take another week i kept calling i called about 4 numbers i get from the internet and he still would not call back,then he called last week and said his trailer had filped over in the arizona desert and it would be another weeki got ahold of him yesterday and he daid he was in forida and needed 2hundred more for shippingif i wanted my stuff back he said someoneby the name of luther warren would be calling me back in a hour and an hour later i got a call from this guy who said it was juan but it was ablack guy with a number from jaimaca and told me to go to western union a nt them 2hundred dollar or i would never get my stuff back these guys are just a bunch of crooks they need to get busted they are dirty rats they need to have there **** off

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