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After reading many reviews that sound a lot like what I am dealing with, I have a feeling my situation will end badly. I am going to say now that if I don”t have the book next week I not only plan to file a BBB complaint, I will also be filing a banking fraud complaint with their credit card company as well as the bank that holds their merchant account. I ordered a book they had “In Stock” on a Tuesday and paid for two day shipping as I needed the book for Saturday. My credit card was immediately charged the price of the book and the shipping. Today (Thursday) I didn”t receive the book but I was fine since it was ordered late in the afternoon on Tuesday. I assumed I”d be getting it on Friday. Then I realized that I didn”t get a tracking number yet. I logged in to check the tracking only to see my order was still processing. I called customer service for 2 hours and never got a human to pick up the phone so I decided to try their chat tool. I explained to them my situation and asked for an update. I was told that it says on their site that the book I purchased says that it usually ships in 7 to 10 days. I told them I was aware of that which is why I paid for expedited shipping. I was then informed that the 7 to 10 days was the time it took for them to procure the book from one of their vendors. Once they had it the book they would ship it to me via the 2 day shipping. So, they advertise that they have a book in stock that they don”t actually have and then charge me for it while they go out and try to find it? I told the “Customer Service” rep that I wished they website had explained that better because I would not have ordered the book because of my time constraint. The rep”s response was that they could cancel the order and refund my money but it would would be a week to get my money back! I said I still wanted the book but would need a plan b for the weekend. The rep”s response was, “Is there anything else I can assist you with today?” How does this company list that they have a book in stock and charge me for it when they don”t have it and then offer me my money back I a week? I am convinced now that I will never see this book as I know it is difficult to find. I plan on waiting the full 10 days for them to admit they don”t have the book and never had it and then I”ll be filing fraud charges. I hope for their case it won”t come to that but I”m not holding my breathe.

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