Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bill Luke Worst service ever Phoenix, Arizona!!. This is the worst service from a dealership I have ever received. They were happy to take my money when I bought my Jeep here and they convinced me to buy an extended warranty. Guess what? Any time I have a service issue, it isn’t covered under the extended warranty. My most recent trip a few weeks ago sealed the deal, I will never be back. Here’s the breakdown: A few Saturdays ago my Jeep wouldn’t start. I called their service department and Ken, my normal service writer, wasn’t available so I had to speak with Toby. He told me to get it towed and they’d look at it and get back to me. Finally, when I hadn’t heard anything by 3:30 I called, only to find out that they close at 2 p.m. on Saturday!! Not only did my Jeep sit untouched all weekend, but I had to scramble and find a rental car company open at 3:30 on Saturday (not easy to do), make arrangements to get there without any transportation and pay for the rental car out-of-pocket. Mind you, I was told my extended warranty would cover a rental car if my Jeep went in for service. Also, my phone number hasn’t changed in 10 years and I bought my Jeep from this dealership and have been getting it serviced here for 3 years. Pretty sure they should have my phone number on file. So come Monday morning, I call and speak with Ken – because I refuse to deal with Toby at this point. Ken tells me a story that Toby tried to call me (at several different phones number I’ve never had and that have never been associated with my file) and that all that is wrong is my battery. Because that is all that is wrong, my tow, parts, service and rental car won’t be covered under the warranty. So $310 later ($120 battery, $40 labor, $80 tow, $70 rental car) I have a new battery. Outrageous, right? Well, the story doesn’t end there. The next Saturday I go out to start my Jeep and it won’t start. I called in and Ken wasn’t available, so I demanded to speak with a manager. I explained the situation and asked how they were going to resolve it and the long and short of it is – they wouldn’t resolve it. If I wanted to get it towed there again, they would look at it and let me know what’s wrong but I would be responsible to pay for this additional tow and service. Are you kidding me? I just did that last week! I got nowhere with him and decided that even though I feel like they should have covered it, that I had to seek service elsewhere – which is exactly what I did. Maybe it’s because I’m a single, blonde lady? Maybe they are just jerks and provide terrible service? Either way, I will never be back and will tell everyone I know about the horrible service I received.

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