Bill Pier Money Mart

Bill Pier Money Mart

Bill Pier Money Mart Check Fraud, Throwing rock, sexual harassment, over charging from original price before any taxes on 2 vehicles Seattle Washington!!. Dear consumers, On july 10th around 4:00 to 5:00 pm My mom went in to Bill Pierre to purchase a vehicle. The salesman was to busy flirting with my mom trying to make dinner plans (also he is a married man with three children, this woman is going through a tough time trying to divore an abusive man and explained this to the salesman) the sales man did not explain anything on the paper work to her. She wrote 3 ONE thousand dollar checks (from the martial account) and told them nevermind, i dont want to get in trouble with my abusive husband. I have the funds in my personal bank account so ill get you a personal cashiers check from my own personal bank account. The salesman was too focused on flirting my mother than to remember to give back the 3 checks then proceeded (in front of her) to forge the check and her initials on the 3 one thousand dollar checks to 2 three thousand dollar checks and kept the last one the original 1 thousand but also took and cashed her cashiers check, Which is check fraud (very illegal) She repeated “no no no that is check fraud i am not okay with this” the salesman kept saying “no no its fine it looks better to the lender.” Honestly we didnt care how it looked to the lender. We were willing to take our businness else where if they didnt want our money. They preceded to to say “no no the car is yours no worries” They then started contacting (harrasing) her about our social security cards they had lost the week before. we were in vegas and our cards were in washington. We got home and sent the cards to them no problem. The contract says they have 4 days to let us know if the lending issue fails to go through they didnt tell us for 11 days and thats on them. They then proceeded to cash the stolen altered check for 3 thousand dollars and you can see where the sales man forged the 3 and the Three on the underline. The maritial account was over drawn $3000 (and the abusive husband beat my mom to the punch and filed domestic violence on her adn we had to leave the house and cashing the check was in violation of the court order) Im 21 years old and had to move back in with my mom to protect her from my abusive step dad. We are currently living in the car at a walmart parking lot. The only thing we have to our name is a few bucks and the clothes we managed to grab before we were forced to leave our home. On July 30th, My mom called bill pierre to let them know what they are doing is against the law, that is check fraud and we will be pressing charges for check fraud, sexual harrasment (the salesman was asking my mom to dinner multiple times, asking for naked pictures, and wouldnt leave her alone even after she said to leave her alone unless its about the car, No more personal calls from him. The General manager then told her no we want to help you. the car is yours you dont need to worry. then they offered to pay her $3000 not to press charges. They told her to come in and write up a new loan contract and they would give her the check and she could keep the car. (ive been the for all of this so far) at 6:00 the salesman that been harrasing us is off work so david franks told my mom to come in and do all that and the car is hers he promised. She goes to bill pierre and has a sit down with david. David told her she needed to sign the check paperwork saying she has recieved the check (as reciept of payment to not further press charges or sue the company for fraud and sexual harrasment) The papers they were trying to get her to sign is to rescind the loan and to reposess the car from her. They told her she has to leave the keys there and take all of her stuff out of the vehicle. my mom then said “no you cant do that i am calling 911” my mom went outside to call 911 and he followed her and picked up a 15+ pound rock and threw it at her she hopped in the car in fear of her life and started driving off. Keep in mind me and my mom are living in this car at the walmart parking lot with our stuff in the car. Bill pierra money mart then called 911 and tried to file a grand theft auto on my mother. Even after the check fraud, sexual harrasment changing the price on the vehicle without our knowledge. They continue to call us on private numbers not saying anything and calls making threats of us going to jail for a very long time. WE HAVENT DONE ANYTHING WRONG. Bill pierre is in the wrong. Im sorry for this report being so long. But if you got this far you too have also had troubles with lake city bill pierre, we all need to come together and take action against them. THIS IS NOT OKAY they have broken multiple laws. We can all join together and take action. From the way this has all happened i can tell this is nowhere near the first time this has happened. Ive done research and promising financing and not being able to find financing is false advertisement. They told us they talked to multiple lenders, when we already have a lender that is more than willing to finance us. They told us our financer wants nothing to do with us for this second vehicle (getting my acura in may, my moms ford escape july 10th and they say the escape has no lender) Is there anyone out there that can help or know legal resources that can? This is our only home/ transportation right now and theyre threatining repossesion on us illegally. they violated contract/broken many laws. We have all the evidence and documented proof of the harrasment, threats, sexuall harrasment by a married man. We have the forged check too. THIS IS NOT OKAY we can join together and make sure they dont take advantage of anyone else again. Much Love

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