Bill Price Auto Shop

Bill Price Auto Shop

Bill Price Auto Shop Refused to return my part they shipped and was damaged. Wants me to pay $59 shipping! Jeffersonville, Indiana!!. On 11/9,2012, I took my 2004 Toyota Highlander to Bill Price Auto for heat repair. The car would get warm but the knob would not get past 74 (which is what it was stuck on) On 11/13 2012, Bill Price son called to say they would have to ship the temperature control head/circuit board to Platinum Motor sport in Denver, CO. He said they would fix the wiring and would cost me $250. The part was shipped on 11/15/2018 but Bill Price would not give me a confirmation #. When I picked up the car, the dash had a gaping hole in the middle where Bill Price auto had removed EVERYTHING including the radio! I called 11/26/12 shop and told due to holiday’s there was a delay. I called 11/30/2018 when the shop said they had bad news. He said the part (facing) was damaged during shipping and the postal service needed to take 30 days to investigate. I called back 12/28/2018 and was told they were having Platinum Motor mail back the part back to him. On 1/25/13, I left work early to pick up part but no one was there. I called and son answered saying he had left early for the day. On 1/28/13, I went back to Bill Price auto shop where the son said I would need to pay him $30 for shipping. I told him I was not paying for a broke part since they had custody of the part and should be responsible. I told him I was not happy driving around for 2 months without heat and having a gaping hole in my dashboard. He then said it would now be $59! I told him this was blackmail. I asked him for tracking #s showing he shipped a part and had a claim against the United States Postal Servide but he refused to give me any information of trace #’s from postal service. He refused to give me my parts back unless I paid a $59 shipping fee of which he would not produce any proof. I am not sure what scam Bill Price auto shop has but will not pay for a damaged part for a vendor Bill Price chose and who should be responsible for items removed from my vehicle since in his custody.

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