Bill Walsh Automotive Group

Bill Walsh Automotive Group

Bill Walsh Automotive Group College student looking for a reliable car, made the mistake of using Bill Walsh. STAY AWAY Ottawa Illinois!!. I am a college student, again looking for a new vehicle. I bought a 2008 pontiac g6 from Bill Walsh. The car had only 63k miles on it. Which for the year are considerably low. Not even a year after the purchase the exhaust is leaking, car is stalling and slamming into gear. Keep in mind this car was dealership owned since 2010. I bought it in 2017. So once I notice the problems I call the dealership to find out some answers. Unfortunatly I found none. They had no interest in making right on their wrong. I drive over 30miles one way for work so a safe reliabled car is what I was looking for. What Bill Walsh sold me was a total lemon. They provided me with most of the service records done by the dealership themselves. Now Im out thousands of dollars at Christmas time thanks to Bill Walsh and their greedy sales people. I will be warning everyone possible to stay away from this sesspool of a car lot. As of right now 12/14/17 the car sits with 75k miles. The car will not shift correctly most of the time and doesnt acclerate when it needs to such as on the interstate. If I would have known what a nightmare dealing with B W and their so called ” Customer Service” employees had been, I would still be driving my buick with almost 300k miles. Take your money and run from these liars as fast as you can. They do not desrve your hard earned money. They take it and will leave you broke, and with a broken car in the middle of December like they did to me.

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