Billet Specialties

Billet Specialties

Billet Specialties Technical Information added after complaint and now comments removed from Facebook Illinois Internet!!. I was looking for Beadlock wheels, contacted their “online tech” with several questions not once was I warned about minimum brake clearance. The websites “tech info” page said contact tech info for questions which I did at least 10 times finally Ordered the wheels from Jeg’s (Jeg’s by the way has been great) after complaining on Facebook about my wheels not fitting my Wilwood brakes someone from Billet said “the measurements are under tech info” on the page where this wheel is. So I looked and amazingly there’s a diagram now. I actually have a screen shot of the page that shows nothing when I mentioned this on Facebook my comments were deleted. I spent $2300.00 (Canadian) for 2 wheels and now I have to spend another $800.00 to replace my brakes. If the correct information was posted to begin with I would of bought the non-beadlock wheels and saved myself $2000.00 not responding at all to me, removing legitimate complaints so no one else sees is piss poor customer service I will spread the word to anyone I know who is looking at this company to buy their products not to and look else where. Admit you screwed up and rectify the situation!!!

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