bills discoun marnia

bills discoun marnia

bills discoun marnia i stored my cars at bills discout marnia storage lot that is locked i paid him 107 a month rent grant fl Florida!!. i paid bill lewis owner of bills discount marnia and siorage in grant fl they distroyed my cars while in storage with the help of bill lewis nephew they shot all my windows out cut all wires on cars put big dents in all 4 of my cars and poke holes with metal objects and used a hammer and crowbar to destroy my cars all of my property i paid bills storage for 5 years at 107 dollars amonth he pocked the sales tax i had to sell cars to scrap yard i 15.000 dollars on my property i lost bill will not pay me a dime please a void bills discount marnia in grant fl i dont care how long you were a customer of bills discount marnia right is right and wrong is wrong i paid my hard earned money for storage fees and had to sell to junk yard they destroyed everything lost the value of my cars plus storage fees what a theife a piease of work boycott bills discount make him go out of buissness i did not dstroy his property and shoot up his boats and put holes in them so i lost thousands any one dont belive me call me ill show you proof call randy 407 ((redacted)))

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