BILL’S TRANSMISSIONS / SOMERLOTT ENTERPRISES INC. / DADS TOWING / TONI SOMERLOTT / WILLIAM SOMERLOTT “STRIP SERVICES” BILL’S TRANSMISSIONS CONSPIRED WITH THONOTOSASSA AUTO REPAIR TO STIP THR MOTOR IN MY TRUCK TO HIDE THE BOTCHED REPAIRS DOVER Florida!!. Bill’s Transmissions owns a towing service Dad’s Towing, conspired with Thonotosassa Auto Repair who botched the repairs on my truck. Bill’s Transmission took there tow truck (Dad’s Towing) to Thonotosassa Auto, illegally towed my truck to there shop and stipped the motor beyond recognition or repair, to hide the botched repairs done by Thonotosassa Auto Repair. Bill’s Transmissions refused to release me my truck unless I paid over $3,000.00 for disassembling my motor and $2,000.00 for reassembling my motor, not running. At first Consumer Services found Bill’s Transmissions in violation in Chapter 559.905 and 559.911, after Consumer Services discovered that no monies were paid they found no violations being committed. After six months passing I finally received my truck back without a motor, leaving me without transportation and in a financial debt. The parts were thrown in the bed of the truck to rust and corrode beyond use. Bill’s Transmissions had no intentions to repair my truck, just to destroy the motor and help hide the prior botched repairs.

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