Billy Tyree

Billy Tyree

Billy Tyree Billy S Tyree , Brittany Lynn Tyree Billy Tyree- Wannabe policeman. Liar. Phony cop. Fake person. Stolen valor. Hardy Virginia!!. I met Billy a long time ago when we were in Rocky Mount. The guy has lied since he was in high school. Used to tell people all the time he was a undercover cop and a few times said he served in the marines. He has never served a day in the military as far as myself or friends can tell and he certainly was never a cop. He might be a firefighter or paramedic but never in the law enforcement side of things. He used to make sure he told people he was a policeman to those he didnu2019t associate with much, as a way to cover his tracks. One day in July 2018. Billy was in Rocky Mount asking around trying to find someone who would install police lights in a car. When asked why, he said u201cbecause Iu2019m an undercover copu201d. When he was questioned, he ended up running away with his tail between his legs. One day in August 2018 Billy was in Rocky Mount yet again. He told a former chief petty officer he served in the marine core and earned a Purple Heart. When questioned, Billy again ran away with his tail between his legs. This dude probably has undiagnosed mental issues and he tried to tell a woman one time in December 2019 that he was a sergeant in the Army. Just know you canu2019t trust anything he says and he is a liar. Iu2019ll admit at first I thought he was quite convincing with the way he presented himself as a nice guy. But heu2019s just trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Dude is a liar, and a scum bag. He took $300 from a 19 year old kid in Hardy in February 2019 to provide him with u201cweapons trainingu201c because he told the kid he was a Army sergeant and he killed women and children in Iraq (Hahaha). Watch out for Billy Tyree and trust nothing he says.

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