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Purchased can of Power Shot 2 days ago. Use twice on day of purchase. Next day, sprayer did not work. Contacted Bissell’s awful customer service 3 times. First call, placed on hold and forgotten about. Second call, customer service rep acted like I was bothering her. Was told to soak sprayer cap in hot water. I did, still did not spray. Called customer service 3rd time was asked for numbers on can and told I would be receiving coupons for purchase of any Woolite product. I had already decided that because of such poor customer service and undue aggravation to me, that I would not be spending my money on “any” of their products. Received an e-mail reply from the customer service today after e-mailing the company and still was not pleased with response. I was told I would have to bring the product back to the store to receive that. Well, unfortunately, I do not have the receipt. I get extremely annoyed every time, I look at a full can of shampoo that I paid for and cannot use. Every call to Bissell resulted in them distancing themselves from a defective can of shampoo. Not once did their customer service apologize for the inconvenience to me, except the e-mail response. Another issue that angered me was the fact that all of their customer service representatives addressed me by my first name. I really take offense when anyone who I am dealing with on a business level addresses me on a first name basis. Bissell is really lacking by not training/requiring their representatives to address customers by their last names. I have never been so annoyed over a call to a company about a defective product as I have been with Bissell. It seems that the bigger companies are the worst!

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    June 14, 2020
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