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These psychics claim to be honest and ethical when in reality they are all frauds ripping people off. All of them made false promises to me over the course of three years and NONE of them were real or true. | Ariel Lyric: Her tagline is “All of my predictions come true” so people believe her confidence. Well, NONE of her predictions came through, none of her timelines were accurate and when challenged, she made up lies and cut contact. | Lady Kathryn: Very sweet but not accurate in the least bit. She first told me bad news, then sold me spells to try to make things happen. Guess what? None of it worked! She has since cut contact and won’t explain why none of it came through. | Diana Shoshone: Was SOOOOO sure of her predictions, she said things like “this is definitely happening” or “I guarantee it.” Well, months and months later, none of it happened and she too cut contact instead of owning up to it. | Michael DuVal: What a phony. He says things like “the leaf will float on the serene lake back to it’s home and into your arms” blah blah, none of it came true and when challenged, he acted like “whatever.” | Mama Roberts: WAY WAY off and just rude. Seriously one of the most unethical people I have ever met. | Annette Marie: Super nice woman but not ONE of her predictions came to pass. She even gave specific dates but none came through. | The Soul Psychic: Perhaps the worst of all, this reader gives timelines and outcomes which do not pass and then gets really hostile and defensive when asked why. He will insult you and do whatever he can to justify his inaccuracies. Very very unethical. karma will get this one. | An Angel’s Touch: Was inaccurate over and over and became rude when asked why. Not real or gifted at all. Don’t waste your time. | There are a few on Bitwine which are good – Carla Curlee is accurate and patient. Psychic Ari has been right so far as well. I hope this list helps some of you!

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  1. Adaline Khuu
    June 16, 2020

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