BJ's Chrome and Custom Chino Ca

BJ's Chrome and Custom Chino Ca

BJ’s Chrome and Custom Chino California They are rude and do not guanantee their work as stated. Chino California!!. I too had this same interaction with BJ’s Chrome and Custom. I first off using them through a 3rd party, then they were not happy with the communication that was not happening so they gave me the name of who was chroming my wheels, and it was BJ’s Chrome and Custom. This goes wayyyy back…. I got them back from the 3rd party, they looked good… no complaints at all other than it took a long time. Then after a few years, I called the owner if it was the owner, and said I wanted them re-chromed, I got the whole song and dance about how they won’t come out right…. well, they didn’t come out too bad….. so a few more years later (I’m asking myself, why do they have to be rechromed all the time?) What about the warranty??? Anyway, I said these need to be fixed, he said no and wouldn’t do them. So I was forced to go out and buy a NON- CHROMED set of wheels and send them out there so they could be chromed…. they lasted about 1 year if that… I even took photos and emailed them to him….. they said thats how they came out…. now I have two sets of Chrome wheels sitting in my garage and another pitted set sitting on my car… I’m not sure why BJ’s Chrome and Custom wouldn’t try to help their customers….. this has been so long now because they’ve lost my trust and my business. I would do business with them if they would keep their word on their Chroming process… I’ve never had a set of wheels last more than one year, and I live in an a state where we get lot’s of snow, and because of how rare the car is, and I care about it, I only drive it once in a while… so I don’t understand why these wheels I have don’t last a year when they’re not on the car the entire year, I take them off and put them in my house to ensure they stay nice, well, that doesn’t seem to work. I wish BJ’s Chrome and Custom would be willing to work with me, but I’m not too sure now. SO, I’m thinking of either buying another set of wheels and finding a place that will Chrome them for me. (I don’t know why this company is rude to their customers) I do wish I did’t feel as if I was wasting money. This is too bad. I would try them one more time and send them out there to see if they could re-chrome them for the 1st time…. but I’m not too sure now that I’m reading on here that someone else has had the same issue with them. Will BJ’s Chrome and Custom respond? NOW with everything I am saying, I am NOT bashing them at all, please understand this…. I am just explaining what my issues were and how things were for me, they may be different for you, but who knows? Thank you for reading.

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