bk transport

bk transport

bk transport brian kelly Late or no delivery of property, renegotiates terms after he has your property, no communication for extended periods of time. more than 3 weeks and still know delivery of motorcycles Green Bay, Wisconsin!!. on 3/8/2018 This transporter agreed to deliver 4 motorcycles to me by 3/16/2013. on the 16th I called to see what time he would arrive only to learn he was days away. after nonsense excuses he promises to deliver by 22nd, at this time he advises his driving hours or maxed out and would not be able to make it until the following morning (23rd) the following afternoon I call again, he answers in a fog and says he just woke up and doesn’t know where he is. 3 days go by with repeated unanswered calls. I finally report him to central dispatch, they suspend his account, I contact his insurance company, finally he returns a call and says hes in Iowa and not to expect him until the 28th at which time I better have cash waiting or he will not unload my property. I have no choice but to contsact authorities next as I don’t expect to see him as promised. Please save your self the head ache and do not contract with this incompetent transporter

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