Black Diamond Capital Partners

Black Diamond Capital Partners

This organization is a complete fraud in all aspects of the word. Before listening to the ramblings of Jeffery Howard, one needs to only look at the names of the companies. Black Diamond used to be BNP Ovesco, now broke, or exposed scam artists, so they had to shutter. They make the name “BNP” to sound like BNP Paribas, a real bank, thus gives them credibility. Then there is the new fraud company, “Black Diamond,” trying to sound like Black Rock, or Black Stone Financial, a smart attempt at soudning credible. | Next look at their website, it comes off as a semi respectable small fund firm that deals in raising money for project finance. But if you look closely at their deal sheet, of deals they closed, you will notice total nonsense. Ex: “Large Hotel and Resort, Columbia.” What large hotel? Does it have a name? an address? A clients company name? Look at any other of the nonsense examples, and its clear they are puffing up their resume with total Bullsh % . If you pressure them for details, you are told its client confidentiality, which is also utter nonsense. If you have closed deals, you share the deals and name, location, and amount, to show you are real and provide references, its that simple. | Next, look at their office address, they claim is at 3300 Bloor Street West. Call up the owner of the building, they have never heard of Black Diamond. Next call the management company, CBRE, they say no such company is on the 10th floor. It’s a total boiler room operation at best, at least boiler room had an office. | Finally, and the best part, is the nonsense ramblings of their main cheerleader, Jeffery Howard, or Howard Asseo, there is confusion on his real name. Although it is tough to pin down, since Jeff Howard and all his cronies call you from a “UNKNOWN” or non listed phone number. Who lists their cell numbers as “unknown” or “blocked” if you are in the business of finance? Someone involved or previously involved in shady dealings, that’s who. Jeffery Howard will dazzle you for hours about all the deals he has closed and all the countries he has visited. But if you quiz him on any specific item on these countires he changes the subject. Then he will dance you around all these hotels and big projects hes doing personally, some hes funding personally. Like a casino in upstate New York, no one has ever heard of. Or a big hotel resort in Mozambique, (we didn’t know Mozambique, and war torn country was such a popular destination, much less has the honor of Jeff Howards millions $$ of investment dollars). The idiocy is incredible, but from a quick google search, this guys story line hasn’t changed over the years it seems. | Howard and his cohorts will dangle a contract in front of you, showing a respectable project finance terms, and then tell you to wire $50k or more to a canadian account for “due dilligence.” You will never see this money again. You are dazzled by this crap about how they are a canadian firm, and that they are held to stricter dilligence and auditing than american firms…. “Like as if there are no scammers in Canada.” Then they say every 2 weeks you will see a “audit” of what the money was used for, (you will never see this audit). Then there are the “lawyers,” Bruce Rosenberg, Joseph deToledo, and some clerk, Gayle Silverman, all of whom send you short answer emails, all filled with total nonsense, and who also have “unlisted, or UNKNOWN” cell numbers. | We lost over $50k with these fraudsters, because we didn’t find out soon enough these people had no resume, no background, and scantidly cover their tracks of previously failed companies that defrauded people, to remove traces of their nonsense on the internet. Heed warning, do your Homework! Don’t engage with these fake “financier” scammers.

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