Blackpoint at Linville Falls

Blackpoint at Linville Falls

Blackpoint at Linville Falls, Karen M. Salle, Brandy Haffner ,I rented one of their homes for Thanksgiving in Blackpoint at Linville Falls, North Carolina through VRBO/HomeAway. Was contacted and told that the home was sold but they would refund a hundred percent of my money plus give me extra for the inconvenience, that was all a lie! Newland North Carolina!!. I was combing through VRBO and HomeAway looking for a house to rent in the mountains for the Thanksgiving holiday. I came across this house and Linville Falls and it was a brand new model home that had apparently never been rented before and it was a very reasonable price. So I booked the place for the amount of $1540.03 for November 21st through the 25th 2018. Karen M. Salle emailed me and contacted me back and forth several times during the reservation process and she was very nice and personable and accommodating and answered all of my questions. one day I decide to Google the address to the home so I can have the directions to get there to see how far away it is and I find out the home is for sale on all of the real estate websites. I questioned her about it and she said yes the home is for sale in the case of the new owners not wanting to honor your reservation we will refund you 100% of your money plus give you $500 towards your next rental and the new owners have agreed to give you an additional $500 for your troubles in case we have to cancel your reservation. I told her I would wait it out and see what happens because I did not think they could possibly close and sell the house in the three week span. Two weeks before Thanksgiving she emails me and says she regrets to inform me that the house was sold and the new owners do not wish to honor my rental agreement so unfortunately they would have to cancel the reservation. I told her it would be very hard to find a place last minute but she said if it would help they would pay the difference if the next place cost me more money that they would pay up to a thousand more for me for my troubles. So they made a lot of nice promises to keep things going. I went ahead and booked the second place on another credit card to the sum of $1, 608 before I’ve even received a refund from Karen Salle. She then passes me over to her so-called property manager or office manager Brandy Has. Brandy tells me she will be handling my refund so she wants to go over the totals we play email tag back and forth for over a week finally Friday November 16th Brandy gives me an accurate total she’s going to refund me 1600 + $8 because they paid the difference of the rental plus they’re going to give me $500 for my troubles. so she broke it down said she was going to send me a check for $608 to my house and my credit card would be refunded 100% at the $1, 540.03 by VRBO and she approved that herself that day. Today is December 1st 2018. I have yet to receive one penny back on my credit card or a check in the mail and now Karen and Brandy both are no longer returning my emails. during this time I took the liberty of Googling these peoples names along with Brian Salle who is Karen’s husband apparently these people are known for scamming people out of lots of money in the state of Florida. I wondered how somebody like this could actually have a real estate license still if she’s a known scammer. I discovered on the licensing Bureau only has her listed as once having a Florida real estate license but it’s inactive so far I cannot find any license for real estate in her name in the state of North Carolina where she seems to be practicing real estate as of now. The house that supposedly sold that I was renting through VRBO looks like it’s going to be rented now on Airbnb but under Brandy Haffner’s name. So people beware don’t trust any of them they are all liars and obviously narcissists. this is how they can sweet talk everybody into believing everything they have to say in there just cons. So I’m going to make sure every social media platform and every legal Office of every type knows about their wrong doings. these people do not care about anyone else but themselves and what they can gain by stealing from others. If they truly have a stake in blackpoint at Linville Falls then that place could be a gold mine for them and they could be very successful if they were honest business people but apparently they would rather take from you then to conduct honest business! Do not trust anything these people say!

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