Blade Gathering

Blade Gathering

Shipped expensive custom knife to Blade Gathering ( operator – Dean Hannemann) in October of 2017 for consignment – knife to sell for $1795 of which Mr. Hannemann would receive 20% of the sale, leaving me with $1435.00. | Mr. Hannemann communicated someone was buying knife, but was paying in increments. I said okay. | Time passed, I asked for update. Last two-way communication with Mr. Hannemann was 5 weeks ago in which Mr. Hanneman declared the money would be collected in two weeks, which would have been the middle of March 2018. This was the last I heard from Mr. Hannemann, despite my email and phone pleas for him to contact me. | I know Mr. Hanneman is alive and well as his Facebook page is active with the latest posting being April 6, 2018. I can only assume he sold the knife and kept the money for himself, which is a theft. My next step will be to contact Florida L.E. and report the theft.

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