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The owner Jorge Perez came out to our home measured all the windows in my new home and gave us a quote for all windows. He asked for 50% up front and 50% upon delivery and offered us life time warranty on all the blinds. He came two weeks later after we called to install the blinds and with my cleaning lady present and several repair men doing work on the home said he made a mistake and had forgot to install some blinds, including the double wide glass doors in the back. He said he would return in four days with the other blinds and needed the balance. I paid him the balance, which he asked to be made out to his name (Jorge Perez)…I now, realized he didn’t have us pay it to the business and I’m thinking this is really strange? That day when I went to my master bathroom I realized he had not installed the bathroom blinds either. I called him and complained and he said that was not part of our agreement and I explained to him that it was and he refused to include it saying he never quoted it although I confirmed with him varies times that all the windows except the one that’s in the stairway are included in his quote and agreement!! I also explain that he had not completed the installation downstairs because the blinds that belong on the window when you walk in my home had the brackets put in but no Blinds and that the double wide glass doors leading to the Patio wasn’t installed either, he said he would be out in a couple of days to deal with it. He came back out after several calls said that the window in the entrance he needed to send to redo because he’d taken the wrong measurements and that he would give me credit for the double wide glass door that he would not include the master bathroom but would bring me another set of blinds that he measured that same day for my office as credit for the double wide glass door. I told him that I didn’t think this was a fair credit since the blinds for the double wide door in the patio was a lot larger and required much more material and labor than the window in the office he offer to do as a form of credit for not doing the double wide patio door, but he wouldn’t budge. After all this frustration since the holidays where coming and I wanted my blind installation complete an in an effort to resolve the problem I agreed that he would come back in a week from 12/18/12 and install the front entrance blinds and the one in my office and he agreed. He didn’t show up the next week and I called and he said that the blinds still where not ready and he would come out the next week. He never should up and my husband called him and he said he would be out 1/3/2012. He never showed or called my husband called and told him if he didn’t come out by Monday we would report him to BBB, he never showed up. We called and left him several messages and he will not return our call or messages and has not shown up he collected all the money and did not complete the installation.

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  1. Bula Paulhus
    June 16, 2020

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