Blockchain Power Trust

Blockchain Power Trust

Ravi Sood hired me for his project Blockchain Power Trust. I was refered to him by his wife Sangeet Sood. | Sangeet initially disclosed that it would be for a blog and that Ravi was looking for a web developer to help out. She was incredibly frustrated with “the disgusting white problem” at her son’s privaet school, and waas venting. | After taking on the project, I wasn’t paid in full despite the invoice stating clearly the payment was due. I also had to chase him for payment. I received no company credit card thus IP was registered under my name, and I relentlessly tried telling Ravi to tranfer ownership to himself, but he ignored every attempt of communication for an iP Transfer. | They’re never on time with anything, and threaten you with law sutis if you are tryign to do things for them. | They made me pay for their e-mail, hosting etc out of my own pocket and said they would reimburse it but i had to chase 3 different people. | Today I have still not recieved this money. | They demanded an urgent transfer because they wanted a differnet webdeveloper, even after I was chasing around their project for moths and hd to recover their IP form a former employee bcause they enever did this themselves, and they couldn’t understand where their own IP was. there just super messy and disorgnaized. | Ulitmately I transfered all IP to them and migraetd the site but Ravi sent an email threatening and blackmailing me by lieing to some of my custoemrs that hapen to be his friends and his wife Sangeet Sood also lied to defame and lower my reputation and extorted the ifnormation from me by ruing my business and reputation withhin their community. They also said they’d pay the invoice- which btw were old billed hours and services and only paid 50% of an old invoice. Today they still have over $13,000 outstanding. Betty Soares their curernt CFO also seemed like she couldn’t handle thei high anxiety seemingly fro the preassure Ravi was placing on her and i felt bad for her, but she should have a better judgement call. | All in all don’t work with these people and if you do, contracts wont help you – they threatn you with their power and it’s all an inner circle. They aren’t trustable so track you invoices so you can record when they’re opened or ignored. These guys see everything but lie and say they don’t. I’m surprised at how Sangeet Sood and Ravi Sood can Lie so much and be so fake and make it work? If you can handle that then i commend you, otherwise please just watch out and be very careful.

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  1. Modesto Gabor
    June 17, 2020

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