BlockTree Capital

BlockTree Capital Complaint

BlockTree Capital is another company with a suspicious website. It’s poorly designed, cheap and can’t attract people. Ok, what do we know? It’s an investment and venture firm, that’s based in San Mateo, California and it also has one branch in India. Considering that the team consists of Indians only, we can suppose that the main office can be located in India. They mentioned the US just to look solid and legit. Even if their american office really operates, who manages it? Because their team consists of two people only. Certainly, there may be more, but they are not introduced, and we have no right to make them up their existence. I don’t think they cared about anything at all, they just wanted to start getting money as fast as possible. But, the thing is, people are not fools and won’t bring money to a random place that looks so suspicious. Sorry

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Sending ripoff site Internet!!. dA fool and his money are soon parted” I puchased 2 HID lamps with an extended

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