Blue Dog RV

Blue Dog RV

We visited every dealership within a 20 miles radius of Portland, Oregon to compare prices, customer service, warranty and selection. We settled on Blue Dog RV, new to the area, because their sales pitch included big promises about how great their sales department is supposed to be. At no point were we informed that it is required we spend several hundred dollars a year in service updates to maintain the warranty, and that, in addition, there would be a $65.50, non refundable charge required every time a warranty issue arose & that, furthermore, neither the service nor the sales staff know a single the about propane issues . We are now left with an RV we cannot use at all due to toxic fumes & a severe sinus infection which has gone on for weeks since exposure to the toxic fumes. In addition, my 16 yr old grandson has missed over a week of school due to illness since exposure. | We purchased a travel trailer from Blue Dog RV Gresham Oregon. The first time we used the heater, we were overcome by propane fumes and became very ill. A call to the service department revealed they knew absolutely nothing about why this would be happening. He said, “I don’t know, the only thing I can think of is maybe you left the pilot light on in the oven. ” My response, “This RV does not have an oven,” led him to offer for me to pay $ 63.50 to bring it in to be looked at, although he did not know what the problem could be. We would have to retrieve the trailer from our winter recreational location and bring it in with the knowledge he, admittedly, had no idea what problem to look for. A call to the sales manager, assuming he would be able to explain why we needed to pay money to diagnose something that was clearly a warranty issue was even less successfuk. Not only did he not look up our information, he sarcastically and demeaningly chastised us for “trying to live in a travel trailer. ” We are home owners who live in Portland, Oregon. We parked our RV on a nearby farm in Washington to visit on the weekends so the Grand children could spend time with their horse who boards there. The idea was a disaster. Ever since the first night spent there over 5 weeks ago we have been ill from serious sinus infection after exposure to toxic fumes. The sales manager insisted we pay money to repair what may be a serious propane leak. So much for the Blue Dog Life Time Warranty. Now we are left with a trailer we cannot use, and expected to rely on a service department which has already admitted they know nothing.

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  1. Jacquline Mantele
    June 16, 2020
  2. Valeri Scheibe
    June 16, 2020

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