Blue Housing Group Inc

Blue Housing Group Inc

This group has several reports on here. I noticed they have modified the verbiage of their emails a bit since the first reports. The email address has also changed to match the domain. They were using yahoo. | The website is fairly decent top level, but if you try to get more information on jobs, it doesn’t go anywhere. A good cover, but no real substance. There are so many job scams today, it is hard to determine who is real, and who is just trying to squeeze a bit of cash out of your wallet one way or another. | Be careful out there, you don’t get a certification that takes months in minutes. Any state that requires a certification will require you to physically go to a specific location, show ID and pass a monitored test. The only certification you can get even close to that price is a typing certification and you can’t do that online either if you want it to count for a job application. | I am unclear as to where or when I applied for this job, but this is the email(s) I received today. | Current sample below from Las Vegas, NV Received at 6:05 AM Monday March 13, 2017 | (full name – no salutation) | We reviewed your resume for the HR coordinator position in our management office. | Based on your work experience and educational background, we want to move forward. | If you can accept this position by Wednesday, you need to get your HR certificate today. | The state of NV now requires that level II HR administrators be certified. | You will receive your HR certification within minutes by answering 20 easy questions. | Get Your HR Certification For Employment (Here) | You can also go to – | Get your certification before 12PM and I’ll call you with my HR director before lunch time. | | All the best, | Elaine | If you click the HERE button, it takes you to a page to get your certification for “only” $ 7.95. There is another link on this page to explain the charge: | HR Certification Fees Explained | Passing our in-house HRC Assessment saves you | $2400-$3600 and 9-months of college course work. | The traditional way to obtain your HR certification | requires you complete a 9 month course and pass the | PHR exam issued by the HR Certification Institute. | To take the traditional $400 HR Certification exam | Visit the HR Certification Institute | | OR | The scammers are learning and adjusting. They are no longer stating a specific salary unless you don’t reply. Then you get a second email (below) | (full name, no salutation) | Any reason why you don’t want the HR Coordinator position? We’re really interested. | It’s a full-time job offering $24.15/hour with 401(k), med/dental, paid vacation, etc… | All I need from you is the HR certification, which you’ll receive within 15-minutes. | Get Your HR Certification For Employment HERE | You can also go to – | Get certified. My boss and I will call you afterwards to move forward. Thanks again. | | All the best, | Elaine | Elaine Matthews | HR Manager Las Vegas Office | BP an Investment Rock Company | [email& 160;protected] | Discover us

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  1. Shawana Gullo
    June 16, 2020

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