Blue mountain Chrysler

Blue mountain Chrysler

Blue mountain Chrysler Mistreated, lied, try to scam me, worst service ever Collingwood Ontario!!. I first saw the truck online 2018 gmc sierra, called in maybe a deal on the phone, salesman agreed to eliminate the amid fees and lisense cost by taking it off the sale price. so then I had some accessories added and that was the first incident where they forgot the window tinting in the quote because he didn’t write it down when we talked about it and wanted me to pay extra after. Then the worst came once dealing with the Finance manager ( the most ignorant person I have ever encountered buying a car and i’ve bought a lot of cars, 19 in about 14yrs, so he did the financing with my wife, ask her if she wanted undercoating, paint protection and fabric for around a $1000, she tells him “its sounds interesting but let me talk to my husband about it first” , so she talks to me about it and I said it was too expensive and we never keep a vehicle long enough to do that, when I get back home that afternoon I call the sales manager back to say not to do it, he wasn’t there I left a message never received a call back, get the bill of sales by fax that night and there is $1800 of admin fees and undercoating, insurance we never agreed on, the next day I call again, I get talking to him, tell him not to do the undercoating and what is all the fees, he says too late we already started undercoating, so then we had a huge argument over it cause I never agreed and they did it anyways, finally I gave in to the undercoating only. It’s now 2 weeks since the deal was made, the longest I have ever waited to make a vehicle purchase. they say when would you like to pick it up friday or monday, I said how about saturday cause we work during the week and it’s a 3hr hike, she says well we don’t do deliveries on the weekend ( what kind of service is that ), So anyways finally they agree on saturday. I get to the dealer for the first time they show me the truck, I take it for a ride, I get back look it over and the first thing I see there is no undercoating ( after all that crap and arguing and telling me it was too late they already started it, and this was over a week ago from the day I picked it up that the finance manager lied to me cause it was all bull ) I then aproach him and told him he didn’t believe me, so I showed him and you could tell he felt stupid, he then went to investigate why and comes back to me on the defense and starts blaming me saying it’s my fault cause I came on saturday and it was gonna get done on sunday night and I was only suppose to come monday ( they called me and ask me friday or monday, so.. cause I went saturday it’s not done but if I went the day before which is friday it would have? Ya that makes sense ). Then I just lost it on him, told him he was an idiot and to shove the truck up his [email protected]#. The salesman then calm me down and I went on to finish the deal, ( why I didn’t just leave I don’t know, maybe cause I drove 3hrs and really wanted the truck and also didn’t want to lose my deposit ) So I look over the papers and all the fees are still there, the plates they were suppose to pay for they denied it and wanted $120 lisensing, for one in the north we pay half of what it is down south but they want me to pay there rate, so again I get [email protected]#ked. Then on my way home I notice the brakes pulsing when applied, call them up on the monday, they tell me well your gonna have to bring it in, ya right I said i’m not driving 3hr back for your screw up so I will bring it to a gm dealer and we will go from there, at the gm dealer the tell me the brake drums are warpped and have to be replaced but it’s under warranty, but it should have been done during the mechanical. I’m thinking i’ll just report it to the ministry, I think I game then enough chances. Oh ya and also forgot about the huge dent on the top of the box they neglected to tell me about and covered with a boxliner that runs over the top edges of the box. STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

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