Blue Print Engines

Blue Print Engines

Blue Print Engines Boat Anchor Kearney Nebraska!!. I puchased a 347 stroker SBF from BluePrint Engines and had it shipped to my home. The install was delayed as I still needed to prep, paint and re-wire the engine compartment. This delayed the install many months because..well, life gets in the way ! Install complete (well after the 1 year warranty expiration) Engine fired and immediately, there’s an audible ‘clatter’. Valve covers off and check the valve train..all appears covers…no visible issues but noise persists. Car is drivable, so after attending a few local shows and with under 800 miles on the engine, it begins smoking through the exhaust. Thinking it was a head gasket failure, the car was inspected at a local shop and after removing the oil pan, it was discovered that the #2 cylinder was badly scarred.Knowing the engine was beyond the 1 year warranty period, I contacted BluePrint to extend ‘my disappointment’ in their engine. To BluePrints credit, they said to return the engine for warranty work and they would cover shipping both ways…wow..KUDOS !! After approx. 6-8 weeks, the engine was returned, installed and started…ugh…same clatter in the engine: Go Figure ! I did contact BluePrint to tell them my concerns at this point. I had been driving the car to various shows and being nice to the engine but noticed the air/fuel ratio was very ‘fat’ and I couldnt get the adjustment corrected myself…so, off to a tune shop and found my carburetor was beyond repair, so installed new Holley dbl-pumper. During the fuel adjustment phase, the car was on ‘rollers’ to more easily make adjustments and the motor grenaded at 2250 RPMs. The front, left side of the block blew out from the top of the block deck and 3 inches into the side of the oil pan…the damage took out the block totally at the #1 cylinder as far back as the #2 cylinder; #1 and # 5 connecting rods were twisted around each other and two of the wrist-pins were split length-wise – which no one had ever seen before..I say ‘no one’..meaning none of the shop mechanics or my mechanic friends and we’re talking over 100 years of experience in building and racing enignes. This ocurred on April 2cd, 2017. I took photos of the visible damage and the scattered debris at the bottom of the oil pan and contacted BluePrint Engines…again. The photos were forwarded to them and am awaiting contact from BluePrint…now 04062019 with no further contact. Now, for full disclosure, I’ve owned this vehicle for over 18 years with a relatively stock 302 sbf with a t-4 turbo that had no wastgate in the system..the car ran flawlessly but the engine was ‘tired’ so befor it left me stranded somewhere, I decided to change out the engine..rather than rebuiling the engine, I opted for a plug-n-play crate motor. At this junction, I installed a wastegate and installed a 4 lb spring…I can almost sneeze harder than the air pushed now. I’ll cut to the chase…I, as a consumer, expect more from what was described as a professional engine building facility who alleges to dyno / run-in all of its engines afer building and before shipping. The ‘clatter’ was so obvious in both of these engines that either the tech was deaf or didnt care. i will update if and when I hear back from BluePrint

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