Blue Ridge Auto Sales, Inc.

Blue Ridge Auto Sales, Inc.

Blue Ridge Auto Sales, Inc. Mohammad Hussain (aka Mark) Abdul Hussain (aka Abdul Martin) Rip off con artist car dealership Roanoke, Virginia!!. Responded to a car ad on Craig’s List for Blue Ridge Auto Sales in Roanoke, VA. The price was reasonable for a 2004 Cadillac and offered a 90 day unlimited mileage warranty in the ad. Wife and I drove to sealership, test drove the vehicle and negotiated a cash price for the vehicle. Twice, I confirmed verbally the vehicle had a 90 day warranty. The salesman, Muhammad Hussain (aka Mark) confirmed and agrred the waranty offered a sense of security i nbuying a used vehicle. Mark had another gentleman do the paperwork at closing. The other gentleman checked the box “NO WARRANTY”. We staed that was not correct, and he said not to worry about it, legally they could not mark on the Bill of Sale the vehicle was warrantied. We accepted his comment and finalize the deal. The vehicle was left with the dealership to have touch up paint done on the hood, front bumper and rear bumper. We were leaving the country for 2 weeks, so the paint work could be done while we were gone. After returning in 2.5 weeks, the vehicle had not been painted. So , we waited another week for the paint work to be done ….. still not taking ownership or driving the vehicle. Finally, 3.5 weeks after we purchase the vehicle, we took ownership …. the paint job was acceptable, however, the oil change job promised by the slaesman, Mark was not done. During the 60 mile trip home, the “Stablization light” on the dash board came on. My wife and I took it to the local GM dealership in town and asked to have the oil change and to check out the “stablixatio light”. Dealership changed oil, turned off the stablization light and couldn’t offer any suggestions for the light to come on. 4.5 weeks after purchasing vehicle, nade a return trip to Roanoke, for business. The radiator, began leaking terribly and the check engne light came on. I took the Cadillac to the local Cadillac Dealership to be placed on their computer check. The radiator had a huge hole in the bottom that had been patched and broken open. The check engine light was a solenoid and harness in the fuel tank that was not working….and eventually would shut the vehicle down. The quote dfro repairs was over $1300. The Cadillac Dealership gave me a loaner so I could get home. I took a copy of the quote by Blue Ridge Auto Sales and gave it to my saleman Mark. He said he was too busy selling a car, however he would turn it in to the warranty service for reimbursement. He would get back with me. I had the repairs done, and paid the $1300. I left Mark several calls, and no return calls. Fianlly I decide to email him with my concerns and asked what was going on with the warranty. Here is Mark’s response: Hello I contacted the warranty company they’re telling me that the car was sold that day we should’ve purchased the warranty that day. After 24 hours they don’t Cover the warranty. And I didn’t know we about talked about the warranty. What we talked about was that about the paint job and the warranty comes with the full price only I reported Blue Ridge Auto Sales to BBB and my personal attorney. I sent Blue Ridge Auto Sales the following email: I will be filing legal suit against Blue Ridge Auto Sales for: 1. Breach of Contract 2. False Advertising 3. False Bill of Sales Contract 4. Suit against dealeru2019s license 5. Suit against salesman ——– (Attorney’s name)_ , I will supply all documentation to support my case. Weu2019ll discuss in detail. Here are the replies from the owner Abdul Martin: U didn’t give me the time to work on your case. I was out of town, you chosen to take the hard way. Other thing is that u took the vehicle to Cadillac dealership obviously they going to give you a big long list for repairs. Which I get it done way cheaper at my mechanic shops. You already contacted BBB and other sources, at this point there’s no help from my side. If u like to take me to court I will see u there thank you. Sorry for any convenience. Up to this point in my life (over 60 years), I had only read about these ridulous dealerships, never thinking I would experience one. It is too late now, but I checked reviews on Blue Ridge Auto Sales. The reviews are the same as mine ,,,, con artist….junk car dealership ….. illegal car fax ….. promised, however no service completed….and the list goes on. My story is not over, trust me. DO NOT do business with Blue Ridge Auto Sales, Inc.

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