Blue Velvet Sky

Blue Velvet Sky

That person Francesca Piconese owner of blue velvet sky cattery in Italy sold me for breeding, a sick persian kitten with severe case of fungus and serious respiratory problem , the poor kitten is not responding to medications and not growing at all. Afther she recived the full amount of money for the kitten’s price, she didn’t respect conditions of the very same contract she made with me, as she refused to send me the pedigree document of the kitten , and refused to discuss his health condition . When she sent me the CFA regestration of the kitten months later after I got the kitten , I discovered that she lied about his pedigree information , and that the kitten I bought from her doesn’t belong to the same parents mentioned on the contract . Earlier to that she tricked me with fake photos of nice kitten , that she told me is availble and that I could have , aand after I sent her the dposit money for that kitten , she sent me a photo of a nother kitten telling me it’s the same cat I paid for , when I refused to fall for such stupid way of scamming from her side , and asked her to return my deposit money back , she refused to return the money and offered me an other kitten , that once again she lied about his photo ! | That person has no eithics at all , and by watching her actions closely I knew she just looks to cats as commrecial goods and that she would do and say any thing just to sell her cats , even if the poor creatures are sick and weak . I call her cattery ( cats grinder ) and I pitty every poor kitten that live under the roof of that devilish person .

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