Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc.

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc.

We, my wife and I, were scheduled for our ownership review or update as the folks at Bluegreen like to call it. We attended at apponintment on Feb 23, 2016 at 9:00am. It was 1:00pm or near 1:30 when the salesperson sad let’s break for lunch after trying to sell us more points or trying to get us to upgrade in some fashion which involved us giving them mre money. The sales peopl explained that I vacationing or trip from home would be better and happier if we spent ore money. We told them “NO” several times. We told them it would strain our budget and that we were retired and we didi not work or haveanyway to increase ourincome in order to pay for the upgrade that they presented to us. I even told them if I did go ahead wth the upgrade that we may to file bankruptcy because of my wife’s health which is diminishing quickly, as she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy about 10 years before she retired. | We did break for lunch and we were provided our parting gift, but was asked for my cell phone and told to think about there offer and some one would call in the evening. Instead of evening we were called within 1 hour after we left. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon. We were invited back and wastod over the phone that the offer had been sweetned, or improved and the “kitchen sink” had been added. We were told to come back to see the new deal on the table. BIG MISTAKE, AND A NAIVE MOVE ON OUR PART. We did go back only to be hiogh pressured into buying. They had people come an sit arounf the table or walk over and say they wanted to help. Hell, they wanted to apply pressure. I am so embarassed that I fell for this. It was getting time to lock up, about 5:00 pm. They wanted to know what we wanted to do. We were told by a Susan Woods, who was helping our orginal sales person, Storm, that the offer on the table HAD CHARTER BENENFITS AND HAD A RESALE VALUE OF AT LEAST $1.81 PER POINT equivalent to a sum of $91,000 and there was no way we could lose. | We wanted to leave. We were tired and perplexed after being there for at least 7 hours so we just signed the form so e could get out of there. Of next we had to spend another hour there for there finance people to complete the forms and complete the sale. | Next day we wrote a letter to get out of the puchase contract. I had delivered the letter, then was told by a, ALLISON KiRBY, that she could not accept the letter. The letter would have to mailed to BLUEGREEN VACATIONS UNLIMITED, INC. ATTN: CORPORATE SALES ACCOUNTING DEPT., 4960 Conference Way N suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431-3311. She m ade a copy of the letter for our file and told me that Bluegreen does not want it’ owners to suffer financial hardship. I though that was nice of her to say. | Then, on Friday, Feb 26, 2016, This guy named Storm and Susan Woods call me and want to know wh wrote the letter? Obviously, they have reading disorders plus listening problems, because my signature along with my wife’s signature were at the bottom of the letter. This Storm guy wants to pry into my finances and said that I should not have cancelled and that our finances were now his busness. I explained that I could not not pay for it and that we would be under a financial burden. Storm kept insisting that our finances were his business and that he just could not understand why we would cancell. They still did not get. I was furious, then shouted profanity at him. Then laid the phone on its’ face causing the phone to hangup. This was a good thing because I was seeing red and very angery. I thought this punk faced kid had a no respect for older folks and there finances. Besides, he left in he middle of our appointment with him. That is a rude move in itself. | There is probably no justice for this event. But, I want others to know that there is no need to succumb to their pressures. I wish I would have just ore up the paper the offer was on, rather than sign it. The other pointis that my ife and I have been ith Bluegreen since 1999 and have never, did I say never been treated this way by the sales people during our reviews. Yes, we have been asked to buy but never, not one bit pressured like these demons. I really do not know or understand how this Storm can live with himself. Also, he stated to us that he was a Christian and that he deep Christian roots in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area. | In summary, we were lied to. Timeshares do not have resale value as I called an attorney and a bank on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. My point consumer beware as maintenance fees go up too. The sale people will tell you that they will help you rent extra time that you cannot use to pay maintenance fees. That is a lie too. We know we have tried and id they could they would give you their business card. They will not give you their business card because they do not want to help you because leglly they cannot.

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