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blueprint engines

blueprint engines Marshall engines Chevy 383 engine- sold me junk. motor smokes, knocks, blows oil past new(?) rings Kearney Nebraska!!. Another story about Blueprint engines…. I bought a Chevy 383 w/ vortex heads for my project ’49 Chevy Fleetline in the fall of 2009. I was completing a frame of total rebuild of this car and knew I wouldn’t be starting the motor for a year or so, but figured I’d be OK with their 3 year warranty. Well, in February of 2010, my only brother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at 43. Because of this I acquired his project cars. After staggering around my shop for a few months trying to accept what happened and try to get my head back on straight, I did the only thing I could do. I pushed my ’49 aside, and decided to finish at least one of his cars for him first. After completing one of his cars, including paint and body work, it was time for my ol Chevy again. After finishing all mechanical, body work, paint, all new suspension, electrical, etc., I put the 383 in. I added the Rotella, pulled the distributor to prime the pump, and reinstall the distributor. It fired right up, but was also knocking immediately. I decided to go through the can break in process, and the knock Got worse, bringing severe smoke out the exhaust with it. I called Blueprint, explained the story to both Andrew and Ken, and the first thing they say is its out of warranty. They suggest I should “just drive it”. Like its going to fix itself. Yes, the 3 years is up, I understand that. Beyond that, the only thing the motor did nothing but sit on an engine stand. Ken and Andrew I’m sure are relieved the warranty is up — I’ve never heard of an engine acquiring a knock from sitting still on a stand. They did offer parts to fix it, so apparently they know that “some” of their engines are built less than perfect. After reading other people’s experiences with Blueprint, I just got mad. I called them and explained there is no way they ran that motor on the dyno for 20 minutes, like it says they do in their little book, and not know there’s a serious problem with the motor. I can’t believe that’s how they want to treat people and run their business. I got shafted like so many other people. I’m now scared of this motor and pulling it. This car is entirely brand new, and there is no way I’m going to run that knocking, smoke blowing time bomb in there and wait for it to blow up. I can’t wait to get it apart and mic the cylinder bores – I wonder if they ever did. I also want to see all the so called new parts. Its junk. DO NOT BUY FROM BLUEPRINT. They are rip off artists and have apparently been practicing this for years.

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