BLUMENTHAL COMPANIES, BLUMENTHAL DRIVELINE, BLUMENTHAL TRANSMISSION, BLUMETHAL, DAVID JOEL BLUMENTHAL Paid for a service that we didn’t receive. Ripped off. OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma!!. Blumenthals FAILED to properly engage the overdrive control lever into the corresponding flat machined into the overdrive control shaft. This lever has a “finger” on the end that must be properly indexed into the corresponding flat on the control shaft in order for the sun gear to be moved in and out of engagement with the planet gears thereby giving either overdrive or direct drive. From the moment of our arrival, Dave Blumenthal was very pushy about insisting that we pay to have the whole transmission rebuilt, which was already done and therefore unnecessary. What we sought was for them to simply install (correctly) the separate overdrive unit onto the back of the transmission. We brought the transmission home and after noting that the overdrive lever was not able to be moved, we knew they has messed something up. After politely asking them to check their work and make sure they didn’t accidentally miss something, David J. Blumenthal demanded additional exorbitant fees simply to check if they made a mistake, which they in fact did. David J. Blumenthal made all kinds of excuses, refusing to acknowledge the possibility that they made a mistake and even resorted to yelling and using foul language by the end of the conversation. Taking matters into our own hands we pulled the overdrive back off of the main transmission and discovered their mistake: failure to properly index and install the overdrive control lever “finger” into the corresponding machined flat on the overdrive control shaft. There is also supposed to be a spring on the control shaft that was just floating around loose inside the case, which is further evidence of their mistake. We documented this with pictures for proof. David Blumenthal asked me about the synchronizer for 1st gear at some point during our conversation. These trannys DONu2019T have a synchronized 1st gear. Howu2019s that for knowing your business? Not only will Blumenthal s rip you off with their exorbitant fees, these so called u201cprofessionalsu201d obviously donu2019t know enough about older transmissions like this one to get the job done right.

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