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When l first started trading Michel Fridman was my account manager he was really good and for some reason left so l ended up with Mia Morales l wanted to close my account then and Mia Morales and the floor manager started to talk me and told me my money is safe and l got insurance even at loss so l believe them and stayed l so regret it . On the 21 March 2016 tried to close my account because she losing to much money l emailed Mia Morales and she phone back me and said you got insurance what is problem even at loss still have your money and said she doing all the same trades has well has myself. I tried to close my account on 31 March 2016 because l thought Mia Morales was losing to much money and sent her email requesting to close my account on that day but she didn’t listen to me at all. So l sent Mia Morales another email, l told l have not changed my mind l still want to close my account. Mia Morales sent me email back saying that l had long term trades and she will request end of April l thought so that fine, then l left several emails in May, Benedict Morris told me that had left and no longer with the company . I sent loads of emails to Benedict Morris about my refund and they told that they responsible for what Mia Morales and Michel Fridman have done to me and that why they are no longer at Benedict Morris .

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