BMC Extreme Customs

BMC Extreme Customs

BMC Extreme Customs Bait and switch, false advertising, scam, Morganville New Jersey!!. My husband and I own a small window tint and sign shop. We had a customer who wanted to order a carbon fiber graphic for his new Dodge ram truck. The customer had previously ordered a graphic on his own from BMC for another vehicle and was pleased with it so he decided to order a 3M di noc pattern vinyl graphic for this vehicle. So I placed the order online with BMC on 12/18/14 and was given a 1-2 week processing time before the graphic would ship. I contacted BMC by phone on 1/2/15 because we were past the 1-2 week processing time and saw no updated tracking information or confirmation that the graphic had shipped. I was told that the graphic was supposed to ve shipped on 12/26/14 but the graphic had not even been cut yet and that they would contact the cutter to see when it would be done. I received a call back saying the graphic would ship out on 1/5/15 and we would have the graphic by the end of the week. To my surprise the graphic was actually shipped out early and we received it on 1/5/15. We contacted the customer and set up installation of the graphic for 1/15/15. As my husband started opening the graphics he noticed that the masking on the front was done poorly, especially for an expensive graphic. But none of the pieces looked damaged so we began with install. We installed the two rear side graphics first, after removing the masking on one side we noticed the color of the vinyl seemed off from what we had ordered. I then noticed that the paper backing was for a Hexis brand vinyl and not a 3M brand. We also noticed that one of the side graphics was weeded out incorrectly so a couple details in the graphic were missing. So I decided to call BMC. I spoke with Mike from BMC and explained the issues, he said he would have to contact the cutter to see what vinyl was used. I received a call back stating that the 2 side graphics were cut in the wrong vinyl, not the 3M we had ordered, but that the hood graphic had been cut in the correct vinyl. As I was on the phone with Mike I checked the hood graphic and saw that it was cut in the Hexis vinyl and not the 3M. I told Mike that we would finish Installing the hood graphic and wait to see what the customer would like us to do. If he wanted to keep the incorrect graphic or be sent the correct set. I told Mike I would call and let him know for sure. The customer showed up shortly and was not at all pleased with the graphic because the incorrect vinyl that was used and that he had paid a substantial amount extra for a certain pattern and color only to be givien the wrong kit. So I called Mike at BMC and told him the customer wanted the correct kit sent out , Mike tells me again that he will have to contact the cutter. He called back a few minutes later and stated that the cutter no longer carries the 3M di noc we had ordered, and that we were better off keeping the graphics we had been sent. But that the cutter could get the vinyl if we choose to do so, but there would be absolutely no warranty on the new kit. I was told that the 3M wrap vinyl was not rated for outdoor use and that it was an inferior product. I work with vinyl and know all too well that the 3M do noc wrap is an Auto wrap vinyl with an outdoor life expectancy of 4 years and that it is made to withstand oils, salts, mild acids and other chemicals that cars may come in contact with on the road. So the customer asked if he would be given a refund, and Mike from BMC said partial because of a 25% restocking fee. So I told Mike the customer and I would discuss it and call him back. We called back and asked Mike if we kept the incorrect graphic, if the customer would receive a refund of the additional $220 he paid for the 3M vinyl and Mikes response was ” Yeah, I guess we could do that.” I believe BMC has upsold many people on the 3M do noc vinyl just to send them out the cheaper he is vinyl hoping they would not notice and they could keep the profit. If they no longer carry the 3M di noc then why is it not removed from the color choices and why was I not contacted after my order was placed or sent to the cutter? Why is it not stated that there is no warranty on (any, as I was told) 3M vinyl? I think it’s complete crap that none of this was the customers or our businesses fault, but now the customer is dealing with a graphic that he’s not really happy with and were stuck waiting on our $220 refund that we may or may not receive. I will never order another graphic from BMC, you can’t treat paying customers that way.

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