BMW motorcycle

BMW motorcycle

BMW motorcycle BMW Motörrad Germany lie advertising Internet!!. Bmw motorcycle uses a word for his advertising to qualifie his bikes. This word is not appropriate has it is “UNSTOPPABLE” which means what it means. But it’s completely false. I had several BMW to travel around the world and had SO many problems! Water pump, fuel pump, seals, ABS, ESC, ESA…. And more. I have a complete list done by a dealer. I’m always visiting a BMW dealer because of a problem on the bike. When it’s possible. I was Iran in 2014, I had to come back home because nobody can repair my front fork. I was in Syria in 2009, happened the same. I had to abandon the bike in the country and come back by plan because of a broken shaft. For exemple in 2018 I did 40 000km and had to stop 5 times to a dealer to change a damage part. Seals, water pump, fuel pump… The problem too, I had to wait weeks before they can change the part. Because it comes from Germany by boat! And I can give you others examples So it’s not only the problems I can have, it’s the time I can wast during a trip. This bike is NOT unstoppable and not done to travel around the world. I asked BMW to give me 1 year more of guaranty (in Europe we have 2years). They refused.

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